AUGUST 16, 2022

BONE-DRI Rust Prevention Cases Partners with Todd Pearson & PnP Outdoors

Provo, Utah (August 12, 2022) - BONE-DRI, inventor of award-winning rust prevention gun cases, has partnered with PnP Outdoors as its sales consultant. PnP Outdoors will oversee the growth and expansion of the company’s accounts by developing and implementing key strategic incentives. This includes dealer, distributor, and chain sales as well as business management, agency sales, retailing, and wholesaling. PnP brings a vast knowledge of the shooting sports/outdoor industry and products, as well as an established retail and distribution relationship base that will compliment BONE-DRI’s growing dealer network.

“We are thrilled to have PnP Outdoors handling all of our sales needs,” said Romney Williams, CEO of BONE-DRI. “With 20-plus years of experience and expertise overseeing strategic sales for some of the industry’s most iconic brands, PnP Outdoors is one of the key strategic partnerships BONE-DRI has built to elevate brand awareness for our premium gun cases that stop rust before it starts.”

Guns rust from the inside. Rust is the result of a natural process where the iron in the metals comes into contact with oxygen and moisture, causing it to corrode and deteriorate. BONE-DRI cases eliminate this and dry the entire firearm inside and out. This is because BONE-DRI gun cases are engineered with patented Absorbits™ technology that removes moisture from guns and ammunition to keep them safe, dry, and rust-free. Absorbits is tested and proven to prevent damage to valuable hard goods after exposure to moisture – whether it be water, rain, humidity, or sweat. “Goes in wet and comes out dry.”

“I am very excited to be partnering with BONE-DRI,” said Todd Pearson, Founder/President PnP Outdoors. “BONE-DRI products are incredibly innovative, and we expect to drastically change and dominate the gun case category. In today’s competitive marketplace, you can’t just hire effective sales associates. You have to cultivate them. With hands-on sales management experience, I understand what drives excellent sales performance, and I have the dynamic marketing and leadership skills to build, train, and inspire innovative and effective sales teams in rapidly changing industries.”

BONE-DRI’s current product line includes: Rust Prevention Dual Rifle Case, Rust Prevention Shotgun & Rifle Case, Rust Prevention Shotgun Sleeve, Rust Prevention Handgun 2.0 Case, Rust Prevention Gun & Ammo Bag, Rust Prevention Range & Tool Bag, and Small Electronics Rescue Pouch. Additional innovative products will be launched throughout the year.

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BONE-DRI is the inventor of Rust Prevention gun cases engineered with patented Absorbits™ technology to remove moisture from guns, ammunition, and other valuable hard goods in order to keep them safe, dry, and rust-free. BONE-DRI products utilize some of the finest materials that can be sourced globally and are guaranteed for life. As a give-back company, BONE-DRI donates a portion of its profits to organizations that support conservation, children, and disabled veterans and their families to acquire the skills, mental health, and resources necessary to adapt to civilian life.

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