APRIL 16, 2024

Pulsar Set to Showcase Cutting-Edge Thermal Imaging Innovations at NRA Show

Pulsar, a leading name in thermal imaging technology, is gearing up to showcase its latest advancements at the NRA 2024 event in Dallas, Texas. Held at the prestigious Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center from May 17th to 19th, this exhibition promises to be a landmark event for the outdoor industry. Pulsar will proudly present several of its groundbreaking products such as:

The Merger Duo NXP50

This multispectral binocular represents the pinnacle of nocturnal spotting capabilities, combining both thermal and digital night vision modes. Equipped with a highly sensitive European-made Lynred sensor, the thermal channel delivers exceptional clarity and resolution even in adverse weather conditions. Meanwhile, the digital channel offers ultra-low-light, full-HD night vision for detailed target identification. With its combined viewing mode and detachable invisible IR illuminator, the Merger Duo NXP50 ensures unparalleled performance in the darkest of nights.

A New Expansion for the Telos Line

Pulsar is thrilled to expand its Telos line with the introduction of XL sensors, reaffirming its commitment to delivering future-proof performance. The flagship Telos XL50, now equipped with a Pulsar HD resolution thermal sensor, offers exceptional image quality and versatility. From the long-range precision of the Telos LRF XL50 to the compact sensitivity of the Telos XQ35, each model in the Telos lineup is designed to meet the demands of discerning thermal enthusiasts. Pulsar is also introducing upgradeability for Telos monoculars, ensuring that they will keep up with the latest in industry technology.

The Thermion 2 LRF XL50

The Thermion 2 LRF XL50 redefines premium-class riflescope technology with its revolutionary HD thermal imaging sensor and powerful sensor capabilities. With a 1024x768 pixel resolution, this riflescope delivers detail-rich images even at higher zoom levels, making it ideal for long-range shooting and trophy identification. The integrated internal ballistic calculator, coupled with the Stream Vision Ballistics app, enhances shooting accuracy and efficiency for users of all levels.

Pulsar can be found in booth 8052 at NRA 2024 in Dallas, Texas at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center from May 17th to 19th. The exhibition will be open on May 17th and 18th from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM and on May 19th from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Don't miss the opportunity to witness these groundbreaking products in action and learn more about Pulsar's commitment to innovation and excellence.

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