FEBRUARY 4, 2020

Tips For Beating Online Sales In February Shooting Industry

Maintaining a storefront with a friendly, experienced team to engage with customers, while tapping into resourceful wholesalers are just two ways to use the tools in your business arsenal to their full potential, as discussed throughout the February issue of Shooting Industry.

Online shopping continues to threaten the survival of many brick-and-mortar establishments, and finding ways to compete — and win — can be difficult. However, if a store can add value to the consumer (by means of a modern layout, winning sales programs and first-class customer service), it will be successful. In “The Silver Bullet — Tips For Beating Online Sales,” Doug VanderWoude explains how having the right staff is fundamental to a store’s prosperity.

“A big part of having a successful selling staff is starting with one that’s trainable,” he advises.
“Especially in our industry, you’re better off hiring friendly, outgoing sales staff — regardless of what industry they came from — than ‘bullet heads’ who don’t have people skills.”

Editor Jade Moldae and NASGW President Kenyon Gleason team up in “Distributing The Keys To Success” to examine the symbiotic relationship between dealers and distributors, and how their partnership benefits both sides. Effective communication, as well as access and analysis of real-time data are critical for mutual success.

As John Phillips, founder and president of Poway Weapons & Gear Range (Poway, Calif.), notes, “We’ve seen a lot of great ideas come across using [a distributor’s] knowledge instead of us trying to guess what the next ‘big thing’ is.”

“This is the age of technology without a doubt,” asserts Melissa Dubiel, VP at Oakdale, Calif.-based Gun Accessory Supply. “Those retailers who have positioned themselves to take advantage of the surplus of information available to them digitally are reaping the largest rewards.”

The three-part 2020 New Product Showcase concludes with the February issue. Spanning Shooting Industry’s Dec. 2019, Jan. 2020 and Feb. 2020 issues, the collection included new-for-2020 products from 197 brands. Access the showcase online here: https://shootingindustry.com/2020-new-product-showcase/

Additional features of the February issue include how the increasing popularity of long-range shooting is spurring sales of high-end optics. As technology improves, the hunter and shooter stand to benefit, and as Carolee Anita Boyles reveals, they’re willing to pay more for the advantage. Gear up for spring turkey season with Ashley’s McGee’s tips in “Turkey Time.” Focusing on a mix of new products, local favorites and multi-purpose gear, bolstered by clever marketing, is sure to attract turkey hunters in your area.

Scores of companies are debuting products specifically for women this year. The Arms & The Woman column includes contenders likely to impact retail sales such as the GLOCK 44 and apparel from Tactica Defense Fashion. The Personal Defense Market installment illustrates how handling a patron’s unique request can cement customer loyalty and build your reputation as a go-to source. Everyday Marketing delivers a crash course in “Communications 101” — learn how to apply the four main elements of marketing communications for the best results.

The February issue of Shooting Industry can be accessed in its entirety online at www.shootingindustry.com/digital-version. Have a comment after reading the issue? Send the SI team an email at comments@shootingindustry.com.