FEBRUARY 11, 2020

Weatherby Mark V Backcountry 6.5 RPM In April GUNS

Described as “a lightweight fire-breathing dragon” perfect for long hunts and long shots, GUNS’ April cover gun, the Weatherby Mark V Backcountry 6.5 RPM, launches a 127-gr. bullet over 3,200 fps.

Wayne van Zwoll wrung out the test gun and was impressed to discover the first three-shot group measured 1.4". He notes, “The trigger yielded consistently, breaking like a tiny icicle. Feeding was smooth and certain. … I’m sweet on the round and the gun. Weatherby seems to have met its goal of packing Magnum reach and power into a sleek, quick-handling rifle with a standard bolt face. This is no mean feat!”

In the growing world of concealed carry pistols, the 10mm Auto Timberwolf TWL-S from Lone Wolf Distributors is among the leaders of the pack. Will Dabbs, MD, reports: “At reasonable handgun ranges the Lone Wolf TWL-S will reliably group within a soup can lid. This isn’t the gun you will use to kill a lazy afternoon at the range, however, should you ever have to use it for real, you’ll be thankful for all the power.”

Ideal for personal protection due to its ability to fire two shots simultaneously, a Standard Manufacturing S333 Thunderstruck is up for grabs in the April Firearms Package Giveaway. The unique firearm chambered in .22 Win. Mag. combines standard ammo and birdshot, and has an 8-round capacity. Also from Standard Mfg., the winner will receive a specially made belt holster for the S333, and a Slacker folding knife from CRKT. The package is valued at more than $550. Readers are invited to enter the free drawing at www.gunsmagazine.com/giveaways.

The April issue highlights the merits of “Frankenguns” in the Handguns installment. These mix-and-match guns (i.e., Smith + Colt = Smolt) can result in surprisingly proficient shooters. In the Handloading column, John Taffin recounts his favorable experience with and affinity for Acme “Lipstick” bullets. A.G. Russell’s marriage of an old idea and modern design makes for the cool, unique Vest Pocket Semi-Skinner — detailed in the Knives column. And for anyone who’s ever waged war against the “man-eaters of suburbia,” this month’s GUNS Insider delivers a captivating account from the frontlines.

The “Top 5 Articles Of 2019” are showcased in this month’s Online Exclusive and can be found at www.gunsmagazine.com. Digital subscriptions and the April issue are available for purchase at www.fmgpubs.com. Look for new GUNS Magazine Podcast episodes on Apple iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify and gunsmagazine.com/podcast/.




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