JANUARY 16, 2020

Varg Freeborn Joins Mag Life Team

January 13th, 2020 (Miami, FL)

The Mag Life, the official online publication of GunMag Warehouse, is proud to announce that Varg Freeborn has joined its stable of writers.

Varg is the founder of One Life Defense, Violence Education, and Lethal Force Training. He’s a fitness coach, lethal force educator, and author of the book Violence of Mind. However, that’s a pretty simple one-line explanation for a very complicated man. So, read more about Varg Freeborn here.

His first article for Mag Life was about the need to properly condition (mentally, physically, emotionally) for violence: The Thing About Violence Is...

Freeborn joins such other recent additions as Mike Searson, Chris Tran, Joe Dawson, Peter Suciu, Michael Kupari, and Frank Woods in writing for GMW's Mag Life.

Read Freeborn's and other articles on The Mag Life. There we endeavor to bring quality information, ours, and that of other publications and SMEs to an active and engaged readership. GunMag Warehouse is online at gunmagwarehouse(dot)com/.


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