APRIL 16, 2019

Free Gearfire to First 150 Retail and Range FICC Registrants

Providing retail, ecommerce, distribution and manufacturing

with unmatched education and networking opportunities

Rich Shooting Sports Content

·Modern Retail Inventory Management

·Selling Firearms in California

·eCommerce Explosion – Are you Ready?

·NICS and eNICS Technology

·POS and eA&D Considerations for Store

·Top 10 Steps from Operation Secure Store

·ATF / Industry Breakout Sessions

·Range Operations and Compliance

Delivered by Industry Leaders

·Tripper Dickson, CEO, Sports South

·John Phillips, CEO, Poway Weapons & Gear

·Dick Abramson, Centennial Gun Club

·Gary Ramey, CEO, Honor Defense

·Brandon Thompson, CIO, Guns.com

·Susan Zidek, General Counsel, Troy

·Doug VanderWoude, Point of Impact

·Jason and Carolyn Lane, Owners, IRUNGUNS

And many others from USC / Ellett, Glock, Gearfire, Retail Technology Group,

RangeWorks, William’s Millen, ATF, FBI, BIS, NSSF and Orchid Advisors


RSR, SilencerShop, Davidson’s, Easy Bound Book, Sports South, Smith & Wesson, Zanders, Lipsey’s, Big Rock Sports, William’s Mullen, TWI Group, Geissele Automatics, Airschott and Orchid Law

How Do I Get This Benefit?

Step 1 – Register at www.ficconference.com

Step 2 – We’ll Contact You Directly After Registration with Instructions

See you May 6 – 8 at this year’s event