NOVEMBER 30, 2023

Sightmark Joins Forces With Freedom Hunters to Honor Veterans

Sightmark collaborated with Freedom Hunters, a distinguished 501(c)3 military outreach program, on a remarkable hunt dedicated to promoting the culture and lifestyle of hunting while giving back to those who pledged to defend our nation for an expedition of a lifetime.

Freedom Hunters brought together 10 expert guides and 12 dedicated ranch personnel at the Vermejo Ranch in Raton, New Mexico over the weekend to honor the service and sacrifice of 10 veterans in attendance. Sightmark's own Sergio Vasquez, a retired United States Marine Corps Combat Engineer for over 12 years, played a pivotal role in mentoring some of the participating hunters.

“The hunt went incredibly well,” said Vasquez. “It was a meaningful experience for all involved. It was a privilege to witness the camaraderie among the veterans, the top-notch guidance from our skilled mentors, and the exceptional support from the Vermejo Ranch staff.

Freedom Hunters is on a mission to honor the courageous men and women of the Armed Forces, showcasing appreciation from the outdoor community to those who protect our freedoms. The organization's dedication is reflected in its commitment to promoting the outdoor experience to select active duty and combat veterans, families of fallen heroes, children of the deployed, as well as those who are wounded or injured. With support from conservation groups, outfitters, corporations, government agencies, and landowners, Freedom Hunters extends gratitude to individuals from all branches of the military, carrying on the cherished American traditions of hunting, fishing, and marksmanship.

"It was a great hunt,” said Anthony Pace, Freedom Hunter’s Founder and CEO. “We had 10 vets from 7 different states, and then between all 7 of them they had about 191 years of combined service so it was pretty impressive. We had 2 Vietnam vets and the other 8 were post 9-11 veterans. They’re great men with great stories of their service. They were very thankful for the opportunity to get outdoors and test themselves. Overall, it was a pretty grand hunt.”

In a gesture of appreciation for the veterans' service, Sightmark generously contributed several Presidio 3-18x50 LR2 riflescopes and 30mm rings to the hunters involved. This act exemplifies Sightmark's commitment to supporting those who have dedicated their lives to serving the nation.

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