SEPTEMBER 12, 2019

RetailBI Replaces the Legacy CLX Data Program

Sauk Rapids, MN – RetailBITM, the leading retail consumer analytics platform, was released earlier this week replacing the legacy CLX Data Program. Upon launch, RetailBITM became the shooting sports industry’s largest source of aggregated Point of Sale (POS) data available to retailers, manufacturers, and other organizations.

Having exposure to inventory stocking levels and consumer purchasing decisions is a critical economic resource. The industry’s owners and operators continue to request such information to improve their strategic business decisions. On behalf of our portfolio of companies, we’re proud to bring this resource back to the industry.

RetailBITM is a cloud-based reporting tool that permits users to analyze aggregated, non-confidential information about firearm sales trends across the country. The legacy CLX Data Program, now defunct according to industry sources, peaked around 400 retailers. RetailBITM which launched this week to replace CLX immediately surpasses the old platform with several significant enhancements.

· Includes over 2,000 “real-time” retailers reporting

· Expands on the CLX program by adding online sales to in-store sales

· Adding a first-ever “online search-to-sale” data pool to capture consumer search sentiment

·Expands category list to Firearms, ammunition, accessories, optics, knives, and magazines

·Enables dynamic user search and filters on an individual company or competitive data

AXIS Point-of Sale retailers have immediate access to sign up at no-cost. Non-AXIS retailers may contact us about gaining access to selected reports. Manufacturing reports are available for purchase at varying price points depending on the level of reporting desired. The following five reports are a sample of those most requested by firearm manufacturers:

·Trended product sales by category and sub-category

·Manufacturer market share by category

·Market share by manufacturer’s top products

·Velocity of sales by new products

·Consumer demand by geography and time period

To learn more about RetailBI™, please visit the AXIS website for Multi-Store Reporting or Industry Analytics. Or, meet with Travis McCamish next week at the NSSF CMO Summit being held September 19-20 in St. Simons Island, GA. Mr. McCamish can be reached at or (949) 606-4173 via phone.

AXIS POS customers should contact their customer support representative to schedule a go-live date.

About RetailBITM

RetailBITM is a proprietary platform managed by Gearfire and the Retail Technology Group. The platform drives both RTG’s retail cloud-based reporting system for single and multi-store chains as well as the industry’s largest consumer POS reporting system.

About Gearfire

Based in Scottsdale, AZ, Gearfire is a leading provider of eCommerce products and services for the firearm industry in the United States. Our solutions create an internet-based marketplace that captivates a new generation of customers accustomed to shop online. Gearfire offers powerful and comprehensive digital tools for Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers alike, providing consumers with the largest selection of firearms and firearms accessories available. Learn more about Gearfire by visiting

About Retail Technology Group

The Minnesota based company, Retail technology Group, is home to the development and support of AXIS™ Retail Management System, the first software solution developed exclusively to address the needs of the shooting sports retail and range operator. With over 400 locations using RTG systems, Retail Technology Group is the leading software provider in the shooting sport industry. Learn more at