JULY 30, 2020

HE508T V2 Open Reflex Pistol Sight from Holosun

City of Industry, CA (Jul. 29, 2019)- Holosun is leading the charge in open-reflex pistol sight design with extremely durable, accurate and reliable build concepts. The engineering is exceptionally detailed, and the sights utilize advanced battery technology to last for an incredible 50,000 hours at a middle setting.

Available in both red and green circle/dot coloration, the sights are rock solid and ready to perform at any moment. Shake awake technology springs the sight into action without requiring any buttons or controls to transition from a sleep state to battle-ready. The solar failsafe ensures power is always available during daylight and the exceptional battery life provides years of power.

The build is a major asset for professional users. Extreme environments where cold, heat, wind, dust and debris are present will not present any challenges to the performance of this rock-solid sight. A titanium body delivers a durable base that shields and protects the interior components and battery.

Options are available for specific shooting scenarios and shooter sight preferences with the Multiple Reticle System-transition between a 32 MOA Circle & 2 MOA Dot, 2 MOA Dot, 32 MOA Circle.Parallax free and unlimited eye relief helps the shooter relax and maintain focus for longer periods of time.

The 508T V2 open reflex pistol sight is a major asset for any tactical and combat pistol shooter. It comes standard with a Picatinny mount, T10 L key, CR 1632 battery, lens cloth and full user manual. Made to perform and last, it's a favorite for law enforcement, military personnel and self-defense.


  • Up to 50,000 Hours Battery life

  • Red or green reticle color

  • Multiple Reticle System™ (MRS): 32 MOA Circle & 2 MOA Dot; 2 MOA Dot; 32 MOA Circle

  • Solar FailSafe™

  • Shake Awake Technology™

  • Parallax Free & Unlimited Eye Relief

  • Titanium Body


Holosun Technologies, located in City of Industry, California, was established in 2013 by one of the industry's most successful OEM manufacturers. Holosun is committed to creating innovative optic, laser/IR technologies that benefit a broad range of shooting, hunting, law enforcement, and military needs.


Over the course of the past decade, Holosun has been at the forefront of developing new sight technologies to fulfill a variety of shooting needs. Our product line includes innovations such as; 50,000 hr battery life, solar options, the ability to change reticles with the press of a button and IR/Laser units that utilize the most recent advancements in laser and LED technology. At Holosun, we pride ourselves on producing cutting-edge equipment with a competitive price that astounds the customer and the competition.

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