FEBRUARY 27, 2024

SDS Imports Announces Strategic Partnership with Agency Arms

Knoxville, TN – SDS Imports the internationally recognized firearms manufacturer that provides high quality firearms at unrivaled value is pleased to announce that the company has entered a strategic partnership with Agency Arms of Boise, ID.

The partnership was first announced at the 2024 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, and detailed where Agency will be manufacturing their custom M4 and M2 shotguns using Military Armament Corp (MAC) 1014 and MAC 2 products, which they have found to offer exceptional quality.

Additionally, MAC will be producing Agency’s first factory custom, delivering the Agency Tradesman line of shotguns built on the same MAC platforms, but with the custom features Agency in renowned for already incorporated into the gun during production.

SDS will also promote and distribute the full line of Agency products through its extensive sales and distribution network.

SDS CEO Tim Mulverhill commented, “We’ve been working with Agency on this project for almost a year, in which time they have performed exhaustive testing of the MAC product to ensure that it met their exacting standards and even exceeded the quality of the progenitors of these respective platforms. Utilizing our sales network ensures that these products will reach the discerning shooter that seeks the cutting edge of firearm performance”.

Agency Arms Vice President of Business Development Pete Leach responded, “The Tradesman presents an opportunity where customers no longer need to pay an exorbitant amount for a base model gun only to send it to us and wait a year for the custom work with the custom bill. No longer need to buy the gun twice with a year wait when you can get this outstanding value right at the dealer same day”.

For additional information on SDS Imports, or to learn about their five firearms brands, please visit, https://sdsimports.com/ .

About SDS Imports:

SDS Imports is a premier firearms importer based in Knoxville, TN that began operations in 2017. The founding partners of SDS Imports have decades of combined experience in importation, manufacturing, and engineering from various industries from firearms to large scale distribution. This allows SDS Imports to work closely with their partners around the globe, ensuring a successful entry into the US market. SDS offers technical staff to various manufacturers to assist with engineering initiatives, compliance expertise and marketing efforts that bolster the success of industry partners as they navigate the diverse US firearms market. Strong relationships within the industry afford new brands the opportunity to enter established sales and distribution channels, as well as reaching new customers with targeted marketing, and unparalleled customer support.

About Military Armament Corporation:

Military Armament Corporation traces its roots to the era of the resurgence of American resolve, when we once stood between the massed divisions of the Soviets and our allies in western Europe, hunted drug cartel kingpins in South America, and being called a communist was the greatest insult imaginable. Many of our products pay homage to the weapons carried by small groups of men tasked with carrying out new missions in units forged from the hard learned lessons of the previous decades. Missions like ‘counter terrorism’, ‘Direct-Action’, and ‘Counter Narcotics’. While we take our inspiration from the days of caterpillar moustaches, Thomas Magnum and Sonny Crockett, our contemporary products represent the cutting edge of technology in design and manufacturing for government and commercial clients. For more information about Military Armament Corporation or to see the entire line of products visit www.milarmamentcorp.com.