JANUARY 5, 2023

Venom USA Ammo Now Accepting Premier Dealer Program Applications

Savannah, GA – Venom USA Ammo who has announced a new loading facility to come online in Q2 of 2023 is now actively accepting new dealer applications through its new website www.venom-usa.com.

Brick and mortar FFL Dealers and Range Operations can now apply for a limited number of open Premier Dealer positions across the USA. The Venom USA product line is currently set to service high volume shooting ranges and retail operations with 9mm and a full line of shotgun shells for personal defense, hunting and competitive shooting which are all ready to ship today.

The new facility will dramatically change the product offering for 2023 in handgun and rifle rounds. The Premier Dealer program which will put dealers on top of the list for future allocations, along with many other benefits, will be limited to 100 locations nationwide.

To apply for approved Premier Dealer status please visit www.venom-usa.com and click on the “Dealer Signup” link at the top of the page or contact us directly at 877-586-5608 with any questions.

We look forward to partnering with you soon and seeing you on the main floor at SHOT Show in booth 13251.

About Venom Ammo by Medef Defence

Medef Defence has been around since 1981 when an enthusiastic and famous Turkish hunter and shooter named Salih Zeki Avci decided he wanted to pass along his passion for hunting and shooting to the next generations. Since then, our ammunition company has been producing high quality shotshells for hunting and shooting for more than 35 years.

In 2017, our passion for improving and innovating the shooting experience led us to combine our expertise with the state of art technology and engineering to establish Medef Defence and Venom Ammo was born.

Medef Defence harmonizes a world class team and the state of art technology to support all aspects of ammunition manufacturing by making our own brass, projectiles and primers. We also support all sales efforts, post-sales and logistic services.

Our company’s core passion comes from our love of the shooting sports and creating a high-quality, low-cost product for our customers. Our customers are the center of all our goals and strategies and we are loyal to our relationships in the industry. Therefore, our actions are focused on developing long-term profitable relationships within the industry and ultimate satisfaction at any cost to our consumer shooters.