JANUARY 16, 2020

USSOCOM P-VPS Optic Selections to Feature Horus Vision Tremor3 Reticle


Orofino, ID—(January 16, 2020) Last month, the United States Special Operations Command selected two optics from Nightforce Optics featuring the Horus Vision TREMOR3 reticle to fill the Precision - Variable Power Scope component of the Miniature Aiming Systems – Day Optic (MAS-D) Program. The selected optics are the MIL-SPEC ATACR 5-25x56 F1 and the MIL-SPEC ATACR 7-35x56 F1.

With the selected TREMOR3 reticle, shooters will be able to estimate range quickly using patented Horus Rapid Range Bars. Versatile marker groupings for ranging targets are placed strategically within the reticle and patented “chevron” mil markers subtend to 0.1 mils for extremely accurate target ranging. Wind deflection can quickly and easily be accounted for using the TREMOR3’s time of flight wind dots.

”The TREMOR3 reticle provides shooters fast and accurate capabilities to range targets, account for wind deflection, target speed, and bullet drop all without ever having to remove their eye from the optic or touch a turret,” said Nate Gallery, Horus Vision’s Program Manager.

Using the Horus Grid, shooters can follow up misses with quick second shot corrections from 0 to extreme long range. It also allows shooters to visually place the target on the appropriate horizontal and vertical grid lines to correct for elevation and windage without turning turrets or counting clicks, increasing speed and efficiency.

"Horus Vision is proud to continue our support of U.S. Military service members by providing the most capable soldiers with the most capable reticles,” said Gallery. “Outfitted with the TREMOR3 reticle, users will be able to take full advantage of their equipment's capabilities."

For more information visit www.horusvision.com or contact Nate Gallery, Horus Vision’s Program Manager.


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