NOVEMBER 16, 2021

SIG SAUER Sponsors MidwayUSA Foundation

Columbia, MO – Firearm giant, Sig Sauer, has recently joined other outdoor industry leaders with a MidwayUSA Foundation sponsorship. “It’s a big deal when an industry leader like Sig Sauer steps up to support us [MidwayUSA Foundation] and the teams we serve. Sig Sauer understands that the kids that compete on these teams are the future faces of shooting sports, hunting, and conservation,” said MidwayUSA Foundation Executive Director, G. Scott Reynolds. The thousands of youth shooting teams that are funded through a MidwayUSA Foundation endowment will continuously see the benefits of this partnership.

Youth shooting teams, of all disciplines, funded through a MidwayUSA Foundation endowment have the freedom to grow their respective endowment as they wish. Sponsorships like this one help provide more tools to make fundraising easier for the members of those teams. Through a successful product grant program, MidwayUSA Foundation and its industry partners offer quality items teams can use in their community fundraisers. Proceeds raised with the items can be split between the team’s endowment where they are matched for long-term funding and used to cover immediate expenses of the team. Matching funds are generously provided by Larry and Brenda Potterfield, owners of MidwayUSA.

Every year, participating youth shooting teams can apply to receive 5% of their endowment balance through the cash grant program. This is cash teams can use to pay for necessary expenses like ammunition, targets, uniforms, entry fees, travel and more. G. Scott Reynolds continued, “Most schools provide little or no funding for youth shooting sports teams. And as the only youth shooting sports endowment program in the nation, MidwayUSA Foundation works hard to create long-term funding for these teams. We are proud Sig Sauer is helping us continue funding opportunities for the next generation.” The product and cash grant programs offer funding for now and for years to come.

Industry leaders interested in joining Sig Sauer as a sponsor of MidwayUSA Foundation can receive great brand exposure with current and future consumers. Interested business leaders are encouraged to contact John Linquist, MidwayUSA Foundation Relationship Manager, by email or phone 573-219-7688.

About Sig Sauer: SIG SAUER, Inc. is a leading provider and manufacturer of firearms, electro-optics, ammunition, airguns, suppressors, and training. For over 250 years SIG SAUER, Inc. has evolved, and thrived, by blending American ingenuity, German engineering, and Swiss precision. Today, SIG SAUER is synonymous with industry-leading quality and innovation which has made it the brand of choice amongst the U.S. Military, the global defense community, law enforcement, competitive shooters, hunters, and responsible citizens. Additionally, SIG SAUER is the premier provider of elite firearms instruction and tactical training at the SIG SAUER Academy. Headquartered in Newington, New Hampshire, SIG SAUER has over 2,000 employees across eight locations. For more information about the company and product line visit:

The MidwayUSA Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity working to sustain and grow youth shooting sports by providing long-term funding to youth shooting teams. Every donation made is tax-deductible and allows the Foundation to assist in expanding and enhancing the leadership skills, confidence, and discipline of today's youth through shooting sports activities. The Foundation supports all shooting disciplines. For more information about how the MidwayUSA Foundation is changing the future of youth shooting sports, please visit or call 1-877-375-4570.

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