Energetic Armament Signs New Distribution Partnership with Silencer Shop

Austin, Texas

Summit Sound Technologies DBA Energetic Armament, the technology and materials leader in firearm silencers and accessories for hunting and shooting, announced Silencer Shop as their newest distribution partner for Energetic Armament products, including the new PEAK 30 silencer debuted at the 2022 NRA Show in Houston.

"Energetic Armament is proud to partner with Silencer Shop to serve our customers while providing the best experience purchasing our increasingly popular product offerings. We look forward to continuing to work cohesively as a team to provide new silencers, accessories, and material technologies for hunting and shooting enthusiasts” said Anson Gordon, President, Energetic Armament.

The Energetic Armament lineup includes VOX, ARX, NYX, PEAK and LUX lines of silencers offering unique designs in highly durable exotic materials with a variety of form factors.

Energetic Armament has received critical acclaim for their patented Serial ID Ring technology which allows for simple repair of a silencer should a warranty issue arise. For silencers made using the Serial ID Ring, all functionally critical parts can be replaced as one assembly with no loss of alignment or concentricity, resulting in fast warranty service with turnaround offered in hours, not weeks–a significant improvement in customer service for the silencer industry. Energetic is currently licensing this technology for use by other service minded silencer manufacturers.

Founded in 2010 in Austin, Texas, Silencer Shop has grown into a nationwide resource of over 4,000 Powered By Silencer Shop dealers throughout the US. As the nation’s largest NFA distributor, Silencer Shop is the easiest way to get a suppressor. With their customer service-oriented approach, Silencer Shop has a stellar rating aggregate of 4.9 out of 5 stars on Google.