MARCH 24, 2020

HAVA-Academi Family Day Postponed

Hello HAVA Supporters and Volunteers,

We had not sent out a mass announcement as of yet for the HAVA-Academi Family Day in June in Moyock, NC, but many of you had blocked June 20 on your schedule. Some may have blocked June 6 as that had also loosely been communicated as a possible date. Either way, the event has been postponed. Given the unsettled nature of COVID-19 and the fact that Academi’s classes are pushing back and being consolidated, they need to push the date out.

We do not yet know a date when the event will be rescheduled. We are hoping for September, but that is not certain. Hopefully September will be a good timeframe due to the fact that we will not have an event at Rockcastle due to their sale and the facilities repurposing.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Hopefully we will see you in September, if not before!

All the best and thank you all for your continued support, Tom

Tom Taylor

Sig Sauer

Chief Marketing Officer & Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales

(603) 610-3900