Training At The Forefront In September Shooting Industry

With first-time gun owners reported to number in the “millions” in 2020, it stands to reason training will be a crucial part of a successful retail store or range’s offerings moving forward. September’s Shooting Industry features “Training And The Gun-Store Business,” which illustrates how training can lead to add-on opportunities for store owners, and includes starting points for operations that haven’t added training as a service to increase revenue.

“There’s no question once someone comes to us for training they’re going to buy guns and shoot at our range,” lends Rachel Chase, manager of Shoot Point Blank in North Richland Hills, Texas.

It will be years before the full extent of the pandemic’s impact on the industry is realized, but in the short-term it has accelerated the need for storefront dealers to reach their customers through online channels. In “Success In E-Commerce,” Tim Barker seeks out two stores that have excelled in connecting with customers during this unprecedented period.

Additional features in the September issue include Mia Anstine’s tips on “Tracking Big-Game Hunters.” With hunting primed for a resurgence this fall, keeping a customer-centric perspective in mind will help facilitate repeat visits. Security is on everyone’s mind today and secure firearms storage tops many responsible gun owners’ lists. Carolee Anita Boyles provides an update on sales in this product segment in “Pandemic + Social Unrest = Record Interest In Secure Firearms Shortage.”

As the nation continues to grapple with civil disorder, retailers are fielding more questions about self- and home-defense tactics from customers than ever before. In the Personal Defense Market installment, Massad Ayoob advises dealers on how to prepare customers for riot situations, including the best of all strategies: avoidance. The newest firearms consumers are inundated with an overwhelming set of choices. Mark Kakkuri outlines “5 Ways To Engage & Inform The Newbies” in the Everyday Marketing column to provide help, build camaraderie and establish trust. Ever consider why some women don’t purchase guns or shoot at the range? The intimidation factor alone ranks high on the list. Ashley McGee investigates how businesses can break down the barriers to entry of the shooting sports for women in Arms & The Woman. has a new look! Log on to discover a rebranded site designed for an enhanced user experience with easy-to-navigate topics, mobile-friendly features, new products, online exclusives, news and information and digital versions of every issue. Join the conversation anytime: Send the SI team an email at