SEPTEMBER 15, 2020

SAINT Victor .308 Pistol In Nov. GUNS

The Springfield Armory SAINT Victor .308 pistol featured in November GUNS puts major-league firepower into an arm-length package should interpersonal violence make an inopportune visit.

Where the SAINT Victor .308 pistol shines is situations where maneuverability or compact storage are prime considerations.

“It’s no secret the world isn’t a very nice place right now,” allows Editor Brent T. Wheat. “Having quick and easy access to such a diminutive gun capable of quickly throwing lead downrange in wholesale quantities is very comforting in an uncomfortable world.”

No stranger to weaponry of all kinds, Will Dabbs, MD, still gets his kicks settling in behind a quality bolt-action .22 rifle. In this case, quality means the CZ-457 — upgraded for the Information Age with a threaded barrel, polymer furniture and refined particulars. Dabbs lends, “Rugged, laser-beam accurate and beautifully executed, this is the .22 plinking and utility gun for grownups. It will remind you what drew you into this odd little hobby in the first place,” in “A Tactical Time Machine.”

Described as “perfectly simple and simply perfect,” November’s Firearms Giveaway Package is topped by a pair of ALTOR single-shot pistols chambered in .380 ACP and 9mm Luger. Each has a 2.25" barrel, one-round capacity and weight of just 10.2 oz. The winner will also receive two folder knives from CRKT: the Burnout and the Gulf. The package is valued at more than $425. Readers are encouraged to enter the free drawing online at:

Ushering in a season of thanks, November GUNS also pays respect to John Browning’s Automatic 5 (or simply, the A-5) in the Shotguns column. Denny Hansen reveals why it’s considered the “best” of Browning’s three semiautomatic shotgun designs. In the Air Power installment, Tom McHale argues if you can handle a yardstick, you can handle the short and stocky, but sufficiently accurate, FX Wildcat MkII air rifle. And in case Jeff “Tank” Hoover is ever spotted hanging onto the wing of a plane bound for Botswana, at least it’s obvious why. In “Kalahari Safari,” Tank recounts his dream-come-true adventure hunting big game in Africa.

Joe Kriz’s “Heckler & Koch MR762A1LRP Goes Long — A long-range civilian precision rifle,” is this month’s Online Exclusive. GUNS Magazine digital subscriptions and the November issue are available for purchase at

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