FEBRUARY 6, 2024

PWS and Lone Wolf Arms Welcome Justin Raney as New Director of Sales

Justin Raney joins Primary Weapons Systems as their new Director of Sales, bringing years of industry experience and passion for the brand.

BOISE, Id. – Vigilant Gear Holdings is proud to welcome Justin Raney as new Director of Sales for both Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) and Lone Wolf Arms. Justin brings with him 16 years of experience within the firearms industry, with a primary focus on the tactical side of the market. Justin has been involved in sales, manufacturing and purchasing throughout his years of experience, bringing with him a diverse background of skills. After spending 6 years with Vertx as both a territory sales representative and Regional Sales Manager, Justin went on to join Big Daddy Unlimited as their Director of Purchasing. From there, he joined Zev Technologies as their Director of Sales before joining the Vigilant Gear team. His extreme passion for hunting, shooting and the outdoor industry make him a perfect fit for this position. “I am thrilled to be part of such a dynamic and innovative company,” says Justin, “PWS and Lone Wolf have always been renowned for pushing the limits of innovation in our industry and I look forward to playing a part in what will be an extremely promising future.”

For more information on PWS, head to primaryweapons.com. For more information on Lone Wolf Arms, head to lonewolfarms.com.

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About Primary Weapons Systems

Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) was formed in 2008 as a rifle component company and has since grown to be one of the largest firearms manufacturers in the Northwest. The PWS Long-Stroke Piston System which takes the operating system from Kalashnikov’s AK design and merges it with Stoner’s AR platform, gives a hybrid rifle to shooters looking for a low-maintenance yet reliable and accurate firearm. PWS manufactures AR-15s in .223 Wylde, .300BLK and 7.62×39- all with the long-stroke piston operating system. As of 2022, PWS was purchased by Vigilant Gear, LLC. For more information, visit www.PrimaryWeapons.com or @PrimaryWeapons on Instagram & Facebook.