MAY 18, 2023

Primary Arms Government now Carries Avon Protection

HOUSTON, TEXAS – Primary Arms Government now carries Avon Protection’s innovative portfolio of life-critical protection solutions of full-face respirators, ballistic helmets, escape hoods, SCBA systems, and modular PAPR units for Law Enforcement and Military customers.

Serving militaries and first responders worldwide, Avon Protection is one of the foremost leaders in Respiratory and Head protection. Their M50 series of gas masks have been in service with the U.S. military since 2006, setting the standard of quality and operability for protective masks. Compared to other modern protective masks, the M50 series offers enhanced awareness with a wide field of view, exceptional protection against all manner of CBRN threats, and superior comfort for extended wear. Because of its service with all branches of the U.S. Military, the M50 series has unparalleled product support across the market.

As one of Texas’s largest Law Enforcement suppliers, Primary Arms Government is proud to offer a selection of Avon Protection gas masks to eligible Law Enforcement and Military customers. This includes many of Avon’s best-selling masks, including the C50 First Responder Kit, the PC50 Enforcer Kit, and the FM54 Twinport Specialist Responder Kit, which is compatible with positive- and negative-pressure systems. Primary Arms Government also carries the Avon Protection NIOSH-approved CBRNCF50 Cap 1 and CTCF50 Riot filters.

“We are proud to expand our offerings with industry-leading protective gear from Avon Protection,” says Kelly Rosenberger, Director of Government Programs and Sales at Primary Arms. “As ‘Partner of Choice’ for many Law Enforcement and Military agencies, we are constantly expanding our assortment to include leading tactical technologies, and Avon Protection is a brand renowned for innovation and field performance.”

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About Primary Arms Government
Our mission at Primary Arms Government is to ensure every professional has the tools and equipment they need to do their job as safely and as effectively as possible, so at the end of the shift, they all go home. With 14 years of manufacturing, retailing, and wholesaling experience, Primary Arms opened its Government division in 2019, supporting professionals with access to over 600 top brands across 150+ product categories. Primary Arms Government offers industry-leading service with responses to quotes in two (2) business days or less, and no minimum order quantities. In addition, Primary Arms Government provides its partners a full suite of complimentary amenities, including Agency demo days and Test and Evaluation (T&E) opportunities, a complete trade-in program, technical product support, and more. Primary Arms Government is the exclusive distributor for the patented ACSS reticle, available in various configurations with Primary Arms Optics’ duty-proven products. Primary Arms Government is also one of Texas’s Authorized Glock Law Enforcement Distributors.

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