NOVEMBER 21, 2019 Donates $2,799 to Two Pro-Freedom Organizations, known as “America’s Pro-Freedom Ammunition Source,” is proud to announce the cumulative donation of $2,799.55 to the Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation and the Second Amendment Foundation. As chosen by our customers, has recently mailed checks for the following amounts to these two great organizations:

· $1,489.27 to the Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation

· $1,310.28 to the Second Amendment Foundation

Every day, the customers of choose from a list of 16 pro-freedom organizations to support. then voluntarily donates 1% of the total value of their purchase to the chosen organization – at no additional cost to the customer. We do this to support those who protect our liberties, whether that fight takes place in the courtroom, at the ballot box, in the halls of a legislature, or on a distant battlefield. To date, has raised almost $100,000 for organizations which share our values.

Beyond voluntarily donating money to the pro-freedom organization of our customers’ choosing, offers same-day shipping on business-day orders placed by 3PM Eastern Time (others ship the next business day), live American customer support on the phone and via chat, a real-time inventory management system that keeps our site actively updated with our warehouse stock, and rotating ammunition deals – all while hosting both the People of the Gun and the Resistance Library to arm others both physically and philosophically.

To learn more about our Freedom Fighter Support from “America’s Pro-Freedom Ammunition Source,” please visit: