APRIL 16, 2024

Real Avid Announces New Tools for AR-10s

Real Avid, the leader in DIY for Guns®, has already developed a deep bench of DIY tools for AR-15 enthusiasts to build and service their AR rifles, carbines, and pistols. Now the company is further expanding its AR-platform offerings to cover AR-10 models.

New for 2024 is the Smart-Fit® AR15 Vise Block with Sleeve for AR10*, the Smart-Fit Vise Block Sleeve for AR10*, and the Pivot Pin Tool for AR10*.

A vise block is a must-have tool for securing an AR when swapping trigger groups, servicing the lower receiver, installing grips and buffer tubes, or easily cleaning the barrel bore when using the Real Avid Smart Lock™ Bore Guide and Pivot Lock.

The Smart-Fit AR15 Vise Block with Sleeve for AR10 (PN #AV1015SFVB) combines the Smart-Fit AR15 Vise Block with the new Smart-Fit Vise Block Sleeve for AR10. The sleeve simply slips over the vise block to accommodate fitment into the larger AR-10 mag well. This system is compatible with standard AR-10s as well as the DPMS LR-308 and SR-25. As with the vise block's use with AR-15s, the AR10 sleeve adjusts for a snug, slop-free fit into the mag well by rotating the vise block's adjustment handle.

For consumers who have already purchased a Smart-Fit AR15 Vise Block, the Smart-Fit Vise Block Sleeve for AR10 can be purchased separately (PN #AVAR10SFVBS) and used with the original vise block.

Also new this year is the Pivot Pin Tool for AR10 (PN #AVAR10PPT). As anyone who has built an AR-10 lower receiver assembly knows, installing the pivot pin, detent, and spring is nearly impossible without the proper tools. The new Pivot Pin Tool for AR10 by Real Avid has everything you need to install this assembly quickly and easily.

The tool is comprised of a pivot pin guide rod with a transverse hole to align the pivot pin spring and detent in the receiver, and a pin punch to depress the spring and detent. Once depressed, simply rotate the guide rod to keep the spring and detent secure in the receiver. Remove the pin punch and insert the pivot pin, using the guide rod as a slave pin. The pivot pin can now capture the spring and detent in its slot and the installation is complete. Knurled handles on the guide rod and pin punch provides the necessary control to install the pivot pin assembly safely and without losing any parts. The pin punch screws into the guide rod handle, so both tools store conveniently together in your toolbox.

* DISCLAIMER: This product is not manufactured, authorized, endorsed, or warranted by ArmaLite, Inc. ArmaLite, Inc. does not warrant or represent that this product is compatible with AR-10. “AR-10” is a federally registered trademark of ArmaLite, Inc. New Revo Brand Group, LLC, d/b/a Real Avid is not affiliated in any manner with, or otherwise endorsed by ArmaLite, Inc.

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