JULY 9, 2024

Crucial Concealment Announces the Launch of the Universal Light Holster

Crucial Concealment, a brand of the High Speed Gear Products Group, announces the launch of the Universal Light Holster. This innovative product marks a significant advancement in light-compatible holsters, providing unmatched versatility and functionality which benefits both dealers and end-users.

One of the primary concerns in holster inventory for dealers and distributors has always been the SKU intensity required to offer options for each make, model, and light-specific holster to fit each firearm. The Universal Light Holster is a universal light-compatible holster designed to fit the majority of pistols in circulation, provided they have the specified light equipped on the pistol. This includes anything from sub-compact models all the way up to full-size models, all in the same platform.

No longer will you have to source various make, model, and light combinations in hopes of capturing the customer's precise fit. With this holster, you will be able to cut back on SKU quantity while reaching more customers than ever before.

This also directly addressed the value to end users as well. Given that the Universal Light Holster accommodates such a wide range of pistols, this adds value for end users as one holster can provide a solution for all pistols using that light. Current tests have certified the holster with pistols from SIG, Springfield, Kimber, Glock, Staccato, and S&W, amongst other manufacturers.
Further, this package is delivered in a sleek and minimal form factor which still includes many popular design features.

Key Features of the Universal Light Holster:

  • Adjustable Retention Shim: Allows for wide adjustment to fit a variety of firearms, ensuring a secure and customizable fit.
  • Adjustable Clip Channel: End-users can adjust ride height and cant, providing optimal comfort and accessibility.
  • Friction Retention Adjustment: Enhances security by allowing users to fine-tune the retention level.
  • Kickstand Feature: The Kickstand enhances concealment by pushing against the belt and thereby angling the grip of the pistol back towards the body.
  • Fully Ambidextrous: Suitable for both RH and LH users, ensuring universal appeal and carry position on the body.
  • Inverted Wedge Clip: Provides positive engagement over the belt, funneling material into the belt during the draw for maximum stability and security.

"The Universal Light Holster represents a leap forward in our product line and overall Universal holster design, offering unmatched adaptability and versatility," said Tyler Johnson, Director of Sales & Marketing at Crucial Concealment. "Our goal is to simplify the lives of our B2B customers, providing them with a reliable and versatile holster that meets the diverse needs of their customers."

The Universal Light Holster is set to revolutionize the market, providing a seamless solution for those seeking a high-quality, adaptable holster for their light-equipped firearms. Dealers and end-users alike will benefit from the streamlined design and versatile functionality, making it an essential addition to any tactical gear collection.

For more information about the Universal Light Holster and other products from Crucial Concealment, visit https://crucialconcealment.com/product/universal-light-holster/ or contact the customer service team at 770-752-8592.