APRIL 16, 2024

BulletSafe to Showcase Innovative Body Armor Solutions at NRA 2024 in Dallas

BulletSafe, a leading provider of quality body armor solutions, is excited to announce its participation in the 2024 NRA Show, scheduled to take place from May 17 to May 19 at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Center in Dallas, Texas. Attendees are invited to visit BulletSafe at booth 8052 during the event to explore its cutting-edge products designed for professionals and civilians alike.

The NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits is one of the premier events for firearms enthusiasts, professionals, and industry leaders, offering a platform to showcase the latest innovations in firearms, accessories, and related products. BulletSafe is proud to be part of this esteemed gathering and looks forward to engaging with attendees to demonstrate its commitment to safety and protection.

BulletSafe will feature a range of products designed to provide reliable ballistic protection in various scenarios, including:

Flexible Level IIIA Armor Panel: Made in the USA, this durable and versatile panel fits securely into most plate carriers and offers protection against handgun calibers up to .44 Magnum, making it ideal for law enforcement, security personnel, and individuals in high-risk professions.

Bulletproof Backpack Panel: An inconspicuous and lightweight body armor panel that slides into backpacks, briefcases, or satchels, providing NIJ Certified Level IIIA protection against most handgun calibers. Its versatility allows for easy transfer between different bags, ensuring five years of guaranteed protection.

VP4 Advanced Vest with Integrated RLA Armor: Combining comfort and mobility with advanced ballistic protection, this groundbreaking vest features a low-profile design and plate pocket access compatible with RLA Armor and BulletSafe Level IV plates, offering discreet and effective protection for armed professionals and safety-conscious individuals.

VP3 Tactical Vest: Designed for lightweight bulletproof protection, this vest offers unparalleled mobility without compromising safety. With front and rear pockets compatible with Level IIIA or Level IV plates, MOLLE compatibility, and Active-Stretch Heavy Weight Support Straps, it delivers optimal customization, versatility, and comfort for modern defenders.

Tactical Plate Carrier: Specifically designed for compatible carry of BulletSafe Level IV ballistic plates, this vest features a drag handle for easy carry or emergency response, padded interior, non-slip shoulder pads, adjustable waist straps, and front and back carrier pockets for reliable Level IV protection.

BulletSafe products are designed with the highest standards of quality and performance to ensure the safety and protection of our customers in any situation. Staff will be present to meet attendees and talk about the effectiveness of all BulletSafe product offerings.

Visit BulletSafe at booth 8052 during the NRA 2024 Annual Meetings & Exhibits to learn more about its products and meet the team behind the brand.

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