NOVEMBER 3, 2022

Springfield Armory Prodigy OSP 1911 Tops Jan/Feb Handgunner

By taking certain traits from John Moses Browning’s 111-year-old combat pistol and fusing them with an Information Age polymer fire-control system, Springfield Armory created the most extraordinary, hybridized end result: The Prodigy OSP. Will Dabbs, MD extols the virtues of this eminently capable 9mm 1911 in the Jan/Feb issue of American Handgunner.

“Each round cycles like a sewing machine on quaaludes,” he contends, “the effect is more of a shove than a snap. The controls are perfect and the experience sublime. Rapid magazine changes will remind you of how John Browning earned his place atop history’s esteemed pantheon of weapon designers. I’d say something nicer about this gun were I a bit more creative, but this is honestly the best I can do. This is one delightful 1911 platform.”

When legendary arms live up to the hyperbole built around them it delights historians and gun aficionados like Frank Jardim. He takes a closer look at Switzerland’s standard issue (1949–1975) P49 pistol and claims it is a “surplus masterpiece … that outshoots 9mm carbines.”

An MR920 from Shadow Systems’ Foundation Series is up for grabs in the first Handgun Giveaway package of 2023. The compact 9mm has a 15-round capacity, 4" barrel, includes interchangeable backstraps for a more customized fit and has a 4.5–5-lb. trigger pull. The lucky winner will also receive an Outlier knife from Kershaw Knives and a Protac 2L-X flashlight from Streamlight. Valued at nearly $1,031, readers are encouraged to enter the free drawing at

There’s more inside the Jan/Feb issue, including how there’s a smarter approach to better shooting with A/B testing in the Student Handgunner column. As Clayton Walker explains, “It’s as simple as putting out two targets, doing one thing to the first and then another thing to the second.” Dave Anderson identifies the top 10 reasons — including building safety habits and meeting people who share your interests — competition makes you better in the Better Shooting installment. Is your gun safe? Roy Huntington wagers the percentage of 1911s with safety issues is higher than most would believe. Err on the side of caution by utilizing his “5-Point 1911 Safety Check” in The Insider column.

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