DECEMBER 5, 2019

American Handgunner Concealed Carry 2020 Special Edition

Do You Know What You Need To Know? Concealed Carry 2020 Has The Answers.

Making the decision to carry a gun for personal protection requires a significant lifestyle change. The American Handgunner Concealed Carry 2020 Special Edition answers questions, demystifies gun terms and provides ways to safely and responsibly incorporate carrying concealed into the daily routine.

With 25 articles devoted to the topic, every corner of the concealed carry world is covered for beginners and seasoned CCW enthusiasts, as well as budget-conscious shoppers to high-end aficionados.

A Mossberg MC1sc gets “fangs” courtesy of TMT Tactical in the issue’s lead article, “Venomous 9.” Inspired by the ASP of 1970’s fame because of its translucent magazine, TMT cut an ASP-style window into the right-side grip panel, hand stippled the grip and applied a “Battle-Worn” finish and machine engraving on the slide. The finished product is a ramped up, eye-catching gun with plenty of bite.

In the crowded sea of firearms designed for self-defense, larger revolvers chambered in .45 Colt typically don’t standout. Enter Charter Arms’ Bulldog XL highlighted in “Big Bore Snobbery.” As Mark Kakkuri lends, “If you like the idea of carrying a larger revolver that shoots a bigger cartridge — old school style — the thoroughly modern Bulldog XL is a legit rig for you.”

Concealed Carry provides thorough reviews on the newest entrants to the firearms market such as Springfield Armory’s Hellcat, SCCY’s CPX-3 .380 ACP, FN’s 509 Midsize, Chiappa’s Rhino, Remington’s RM380 Executive, Naroh Arms’ N1, Taurus’ Model 856, Kimber’s EVO SP CS and more. But what good is a firearm without gear and accessories? Articles on holsters, red dot sights, next-generation ammunition and training designed for CCW are included too.

Ideal for concealed carry, a SCCY CPX-4 in .380 Auto tops the Special Edition Giveaway. The lightweight, compact CPX-4 features a Roebuck Quad-Lock system, double-action trigger and ambidextrous manual safety. The package also includes a TX9R flashlight from COAST, WX Nash glasses from Wiley X, Lyman’s Grunt folding knife and a one-year membership to the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network. Combined, the package is valued at over $730. Readers are encouraged to enter the free drawing at

This 2020 Special Edition also includes an updated Buyer’s Guide showcasing firearms, less-lethal options, accessories, knives, lights and more from an assortment of manufacturers.

The American Handgunner Concealed Carry 2020 Special Edition is available on newsstands now. Order online by visiting