JANUARY 5, 2023

ASP Introduces Sentry Handcuffs

Advanced-design restraints, value-priced for every law enforcement agency budget

Appleton, WI — Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP), a leading manufacturer of law enforcement products, has introduced Sentry Handcuffs—stainless steel restraints with exclusive, advanced features, at a price that budget-pressured police departments will appreciate.

Sentry Handcuffs feature I-beam inspired, rigidized frames made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The dimensional profile of the double bars provides strength without excessive bulk. This—combined with a precision roller bearing pivot and forged steel bow—yields a hitch-free, smooth swing. Unlike traditional stamped steel cuffs, the frame and bow are manufactured to eliminate sharp edges and rough surfaces. This reduces the risk of subject discomfort or injury—common causes of complaints and liability claims against police departments.

In addition to their unique construction, Sentry Cuffs offer a variety of the exclusive operational features found in ASP’s top-of-the-line Ultra Cuff restraint family. These include dual-sided keyways and double lock slots, to speed application and removal. The bows have flat contact zones, so they apply more precisely and safely. A single-direction key turn releases double lock and then bow, and also allows for “loosen and lock” adjustment.

And then there’s the price. Sentry chain handcuffs are coming to market at an expected street price between $35 and $50 (actual selling prices are determined by distributors). “After several decades of developing our Ultra Cuff line, and feedback from police trainers and officers in over a hundred countries, we’ve gotten good at making very advanced restraints,” says ASP founder and CEO Kevin Parsons. “But many agencies have challenged us to bring them a high-quality handcuff that’s priced to be mass-deployable.” Parsons says this has been especially true lately, when law enforcement budgets are spread thinner than ever. “With a steel restraint at this price point, and our original forged alloy Ultra Cuffs at the top end, we truly have a restraint solution for every agency and officer,” he concludes.

ASP has also developed a one-piece, molded polymer belt case specifically for the Sentry Cuff. Like the handcuffs, the case is designed and priced to help agencies get quality, professional critical equipment onto every officer’s duty belt.

For more information, or to find an ASP Distributor, visit www.asp-usa.com


About ASP: “Protecting Those Who Protect”

ASP is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Batons, Restraints, LED Lighting, OC and Training products to the law enforcement industry. The company has stood for innovative designs, flawless function and an unmatched standard of service since Kevin Parsons, PhD, founded the company in 1976. ASP holds more than 150 product patents and provides almost $2 million in free training each year to law enforcement professionals. ASP is ISO 9001:2015 certified, ANSI FL1 compliant and is a founding member of the Portable Lights American Trade Organization (PLATO). All products are designed in the United States.

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