MAY 18, 2023

Taurus Dominating in the Action Shooting Sports

Bainbridge, GA - With the competition shooting season officially underway, shooters from Taurus USA have already wrapped up major wins in USPSA, Steel Challenge, and IDPA.

The Steel Challenge – World Speed Shooting Championship

Taurus kicked off the shooting season with a big win – the World Speed Shooting Championship, commonly known as The Steel Challenge. This match is one of the crown jewels of the shooting sports, and Team Taurus showed up in force. Team Captain Jessie Harrison had a dominant performance, taking home her 16th Ladies Championship in Open division. No shooter has ever ruled the roost over the competition at Steel Challenge quite like Jessie.

However, she wasn’t the only one walking away from Steel Challenge with new hardware. KC Eusebio took care of business in Open division, taking home that title. Additionally, he defeated fellow former champion BJ Norris for the overall fastest time. How tight can the margins be at Steel Challenge? KC’s final time was 76.13 seconds, and BJ’s was 76.14. You can’t have a closer margin of victory, but in the end KC prevailed, taking home another Steel Challenge title.

The Dragon’s Cup - USPSA

Jessie and KC aren’t the only people winning. Team Taurus Junior member Trent Eichler took his Taurus 1911 in 9mm to the vaunted Dragon’s Cup match in Texas. Despite howling dust storms, brutal heat, and challenging stages, Trent rolled to a convincing win in the Single Stack division. His 5% margin of victory and 95% of the available points proved both too fast and accurate for the competition.


Finally, it’s not just Team Taurus sponsored shooters taking down wins. Taurus’ Brand Marketing Manager and avid IDPA shooter, Caleb Giddings, earned his first win of the IDPA season, shooting Revolver division at the Rollin’ on the River Challenge. This match, with Taurus as the title sponsor, featured 11 fun and challenging stages.

Taurus USA is clearly leaning into the shooting sports. With guns available for every division in IDPA, and covering its bases in Carry Optics, Single Stack, and Production in USPSA there’s never been a better time to try a Taurus in your local match.

For more information about Taurus’ lineup of competition approved handguns, visit TaurusUSA.Com

About Taurus:

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