FEBRUARY 12, 2019

Powderhook Partners With Hunter Education

Burien, WA—Hunter’s Handbook, the official student publication of the International Hunter Education Association in the United States announces a partnership with Powderhook.

In a continued joint effort to recruit, retain, and reactivate hunters, Powderhook and Focus Group, Inc., the publishing partner of the International Hunter Education Association in the United States, have formed an agreement to share content and co-promote products.

“Powderhook’s ability to connect new hunters to mentors in their area is essential to helping students coming through Hunter Education have a successful first-time experience, which will lead to a lifetime of hunting,” says Brian Thurston, publisher of Hunter’s Handbook. “We can give them the basics of hunting in the classroom, but we can’t hold their hand and get them into the field. Powderhook is the perfect tool for that, and we are enthusiastic about giving students a ‘next-step’ to a successful hunting experience.”

Eric Dinger, CEO of Powderhook states, “We’re excited to partner with Hunter’s Handbook to be a resource for hunter education graduates as they look to take the next steps as hunters. Research tells us around half of all hunter education graduates buy a hunting license and the reasons come down to lack of having someone to take them hunting. Access is hard, having the right gear is tough, and for some people it’s tough to make time to hunt. All of those challenges are overcome by having a mentor, and Powderhook has over 1,600 mentors standing at the ready to help.”

Powderhook exists to empower hunters create 3 million new hunters in the next 5 years. The Powderhook app and website are designed to connect beginning outdoorsmen and women looking for information to resources so they can have successful, enjoyable days afield. Search Powderhook in the App Store or Google Play to get started.

Hunter’s Handbook and The IHEA-USA Hunter & Shooting Sports Education Journal are provided digitally and in print to International Hunter Education Instructors and their students in Hunter Education classrooms and on field days by Focus Group, Inc. To learn more about how your brand can take a stand for the future of hunting, and to become involved in Hunter’s Handbook or the IHEA-USA Hunter & Shooting Sports Education Journal, contact Mike Thomas (307) 340-0022 or Leaha Wirth (971) 322-7548 of BOLT Strategies.