APRIL 16, 2024

Hayman Safe Company: Minuteman Quick-Access Personal Defense Safe in Stock Now

Oviedo, FL – Secure storage is an essential part of firearm ownership, but few storage methods offer the fast and convenient access you need in a crisis. That is why Hayman Safe Company developed the Minuteman Quick-Access personal defense safe for long guns, handguns and flashlights. This groundbreaking, patented design provides safe storage of your primary defensive weapons exactly where you need them, for the fastest access possible when you need it MOST. The Minuteman is the ultimate solution for defense-minded homeowners.

The novel design of the Minuteman provides immediate access to your loaded firearm(s) in your bedroom, living room, foyer or hallway (anywhere you might want quick access to your firearms), while securing the gun(s) as safely as a traditional gun safe. During a forced entry, when seconds count, you may not have time to get-to-and-open a standard gun safe before the threat is inside the building.

The Minuteman solves this problem! The patented design mounts discretely between standard wall studs, and provides access to a long gun or hand guns in SECONDS.

This new concept in gun storage is easy-to-install in buildings with standard wall-board and 16-inch-center stud framing, and has multiple mounting holes for solidly attaching to the studs and floor plate (instructions included).

The safe accommodates defensive guns up to 39-inches-long, like an AR-15 or shotgun, as well as handguns and accessories such as lights and extra magazines. It is solidly-built from11-gauge (1/8-inch) steel, and features a tough powdercoat finish. The dimensions are 48H x 14.25W x 6D inches.

The Minuteman features a top-lit electronic lock and can be upgraded with a biometric lock system. Both styles of locks are equipped with a solid deadbolt for rapid access. Once the code (or fingerprint) is activated, in seconds your Minuteman Safe is unlocked, the door tilts out (hinged at the bottom - opening from the top). Long guns are stored in a muzzle-down position, attached via quick-release straps to the inside of the door, ready to be deployed. Handguns, magazines, flashlights, or other needful items can also be mounted to an optional foam pad, which can be easily secured to the back wall inside the safe.

In the event of a nighttime emergency, the Minuteman features a luminous tape strip surrounding the recessed keypad, for ease of locating it in the dark. Once opened, an interior motion-sensor light illuminates the safe contents in low- or no-light conditions.

In these increasingly dangerous times, The Minuteman Quick-Access personal defense safe is a must-have for responsible gun owners. To learn more about the Minuteman or Hayman Safe Company’s many other firearm-security solutions, visit HaymanSafe.com.

About Hayman Safe Company: Established in 1971, Hayman Safe Company is a second-generation, family-owned manufacturer headquartered in Oviedo, Florida. For over 50 years, the company has been committed to the development and production of the highest-quality residential and commercial safes and vaults, as well as unique in-wall, and in-floor security solutions. Hayman Safe Company offers a broad range of premium safes and vaults for everything from firearms to valuables and documents. To learn more, visit HaymanSafe.com.

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