JANUARY 10, 2023

Rock Island Armory 5.0 in March/April American Handgunner

According to Will Dabbs, MD, the Rock Island Armory (RIA) 5.0 featured in the Mar/Apr issue of American Handgunner is “like the yeti, your daughter’s imaginary unicorn or the elusive fiscally responsible congressman. Amidst a lamentable sea of sameness at your local gun emporium, the RIA 5.0 is something legitimately radical, new, fresh and different.”

He continues, “The combination of the nigh heavenly trigger, the radically innovative recoil system and an unnaturally low bore axis synergistically produce a shooting experience that borders upon the surreal. … I’d be completely comfortable tucking this high-tech rascal into the bedside table for those times when the dog just won’t shut up at night. Slap a Streamlight TLR-8G on the rail and you have a combat tool par excellence.”

We all remember our first date, our first car and our first job … the first time shooting and first gun ever bought. But what about the second or third gun? Clayton Walker’s “Parting Shots” assures readers there are undoubtedly guns in the collection (ugly ducklings, ones that don’t shoot, etc.) to which it’s time to say goodbye.

The Earl from North American Arms is up for grabs in the March/April Handgun Giveaway package. The five-shot, single-action, 1860s-styled mini revolver is chambered in .22 Mag. Its faux loading lever securing the cylinder pin makes it resemble a 150-year-old percussion revolver common during the Old West era. The lucky winner will also receive a Deschutes Caper hunting knife and Silent Dry Invisible Dehumidifier from DryTech. Valued at nearly $435, readers are encouraged to enter the free drawing at AmericanHandgunner.com/giveaways.

A new column makes it Handgunner debut this issue: Make Ready will feature defensive shooting tips from the instructors at Gunsite Academy. For Mar/Apr, instructor Jeff Dooley advises how to make gear work over the long haul to ensure it never lets you down. In the Better Shooting installment’s “What A Difference A Stance Makes,” Dave Anderson suggests a stable shooting position makes fast and accurate shooting easier — especially for the novice. And in Tactics & Training, Tiger McKee presents threat response fundamental No. 3: Cover. He notes, “Taking advantage of the safety created by cover protects against the threat and their weapons.”

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