APRIL 16, 2024

RTS Tactical Introduces the Ballistic Armor Whiteboard

Ballistic protection specialist RTS Tactical is an industry-leading innovator in developing practical solutions for law enforcement, military, and civilian applications. One of the company’s latest crossover protection products is the Ballistic Armor Whiteboard.

As we have, unfortunately, seen in recent years, even a “secure” or “controlled-access” building or office offers no guarantee of safety against a determined perpetrator. Once the initial security layer is breached, building occupants present corralled targets with little or no defensive recourse. That is why RTS Tactical created the Ballistic Armor Whiteboard.

As the name implies, the Ballistic Armor Whiteboard combines the function of a whiteboard—as commonly used in schools, offices, restaurants, churches, and numerous businesses and public access locations—with RTS Tactical’s proven Level III+ armor plate technology. This dual function makes the Ballistic Armor Whiteboard a practical, commonsense means of helping to fortify an interior space against an active shooter until the threat can be eliminated or until help arrives.

The heart of the Ballistic Armor Whiteboard is a NIJ Certified Level III+ steel armor plate, rated to offer ballistic protection against rifle and special threat ammunition, including 5.56mm and 7.62mm green tip ammo. In addition, the armor plate is coated with Encapsaloc anti-ricochet and anti-spall material—an important feature that reduces the chance of collateral damage, considering the close-quarter environment in which the Ballistic Armor Whiteboard was designed to be used.

The Ballistic Armor Whiteboard mounts in a rugged steel frame with heavy duty caster wheels. This allows the panel to be quickly and easily moved into position behind a door, window, hallway, or access point and locked into place. During normal operations, the panel can be used as a conventional whiteboard for classroom presentations, business meetings, or training, or retail messaging.

Two different sizes are offered to effectively cover standard and commercial door entries: 32x72 inches and 36x72 inches.

Tactical Ballistic Armor Whiteboards are the practical solution for employees, administrators, business owners, managers, and resource officers tasked with protecting their school, church, training facility, or commercial location. Contact JC Velazquez, Director of Sales, for more information or to discuss other ballistic protection solutions developed by RTS Tactical.

To learn more about the RTS Tactical or to see the company’s full range of armor systems and tactical gear, please visit RTSTactical.com.