JANUARY 10, 2023

2023 American Handgunner Concealed Carry & Self-Defense Special Edition

The men and women who have chosen to serve in law enforcement are arguably society’s real heroes, but they’ll be the first to admit they can rarely be there to protect someone during a violent encounter. The latest Special Edition issue of Concealed Carry & Self-Defense feature ways to invest in self-defense knowledge, training, practice and of course, the necessary guns and gear, to prepare for such situations.

Of the Kimber R7 Mako featured on the cover, Jeremy D. Clough says, “I’d say the gun was stupid accurate, but there’s nothing stupid about hitting your target, so it needs another superlative. Either ‘superb’ or ‘shocking’ would do. No wonder they named it after a shark.” He provides a comprehensive review of the striker-fired micro 9mm in “Plenty Of Teeth.”

In “Outgunned?” Massad Ayoob contends a handgun isn’t hopeless in the battle against a rifle. He provides several examples of when lives were at stake and a trusty handgun saved the day. Some of today’s hottest handguns get a closer look, including Roy Huntington’s review of the Ruger LCP Max and Lindsey Bertomen’s “ugly duckling” experience with the LCR, as well as Will Dabbs, MD’s comparison of the Springfield Armory’s Hellcat models in “Cat Fight.”

Ever dream of packing heat like 007? Dr. Dabbs considers all of the guns the British superspy has carried over the course of his career — from the Beretta 418 to the Walther PPK and HK 416 — and the practicality of their actual use in a self-defense situation.

FMG Publications Digital Content Editor and Marketing Manager Ashley McGee shares her journey to finding her EDC gun in “Feminine Firepower.” Though there were detours along the way, she ultimately finds the “perfect fit.”

The Springfield Armory 1911 Emissary 4.25" 9mm handgun up for grabs in this Special Edition blends form and function in a defensive firearm with custom-grade features. The winner will also receive an Individual Premium Membership from Firearms Legal Protection, a MarcroStream flashlight from Streamlight and a Curfew knife from CRKT. The package is valued at $1,843. Readers are encouraged to enter the free drawing by visiting AmericanHandgunner.com/giveaways.

There’s no such thing as being too prepared, too trained and too responsible. Also inside Concealed Carry are articles dedicated to critical concealed carry drills, how to be a great student, the benefits of appendix carry, staying alive with “old trooper tricks,” the merits of pre-self-defense training, the do’s and don’ts of forming a church security team, the secrets of shoulder holster carry, carry tips for senior citizens, how to find a balance between shootability and concealability, building a training plan to overcome fight or flight and choosing a defensive knife — and more.

Concealed Carry & Self-Defense is currently available for purchase at newsstands everywhere and in print or digital format at fmgpubs.com.