OCTOBER 14, 2021

Meprolight To Exhibit At The NASGW Expo

Visit booth # 361 to see the top-selling Mepro RDS Pro V2.

Meprolight® To Exhibit At The NASGW Expo

Meprolight®—the leading global manufacturer of electro optical red dot sights as well as self-illuminating sights for handguns, rifles, and shotguns—announced it will be exhibiting at the 2021 National Association Sporting Good Wholesalers Expo in Columbus, Ohio.

Visit booth # 361 to see the top-selling Mepro RDS Pro V2 which has the most vivid, high-contrast, visible red dot reticle on the market. It is the MIL-SPEC civilian counterpart to the battle sight used by the IDF and is available with either a green or red 2 MOA reticle. Sixteen brightness settings allow you to match lighting conditions. 1 AA battery provides thousands of hours of use. While you’re there, check out the 100% self-illuminated Mepro M21 and the multi-purpose reflex sight with two laser pointers— Mepro MOR Pro. It is the optic of choice for IDF Special Operations.

Rifle sights on display include the popular FRBS with Hyper-Bright™ Front Sight featuring an extremely bright colored ring with tritium illumination in your choice of green, yellow, or orange. The contrasting sight color enables shooters to acquire the front sight faster and improves target acquisition in all lighting conditions. The front and rear back-up sights attach to the Picatinny rail. Simply flip them into position when needed. No special tools needed to adjust windage or elevation.

Meprolight’s Mepro FT BullseyeTM Front Sight is the newest addition to its long line of self-illuminating pistol sights. Based on a shooters training to focus on the front sight, the rear sight is not needed or used. Meprolight's engineers combined tritium with fiber-optics to illuminate the reticle during the day and the tritium illuminates the bullseye reticle at night or in low-light conditions. No batteries needed. Having to focus on the front sight only improves target acquisition and accuracy.

Meprolight optics and sights are designed to be rugged and reliable under any condition. In addition to the IDF, they are used by militaries and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Visit Meprolight® for more information and to find your local dealer or call (717) 985-4482. You can also select from one of our outstanding online partners.