JUNE 11, 2019

Ballistic June/July 2019: “Warrior of the Year”

Ballistic June/July 2019: Without Further Ado, the Ballistic “Warrior of the Year”

(Nashville, Tenn.)

In the June/July issue of Ballistic, we named our first-ever “Warrior of the Year,” and it’s only fitting that Omar “Crispy” Avila take the honors. His story, which you can watch on BallisticMag.com, is both legendary and inspiring. And we think you’ll quickly see why he is the embodiment of perseverance, strength and courage.

Speaking of legends, this issue is filled with them—including those that set the standard for the word. We’re giving you a history lesson on the best American generals and the firearms that saw them through some of history’s most epic battles. We wanted to keep the theme of greatness going throughout this issue, so we also took a look at some of the most influential gun-makers and their game-changing contributions. We even met up with Venezuelan-born top shot Gabby Franco and got her talking about the Olympics and Team Walther.

This issue’s “Custom Challenge” gun giveaway is an offer you can’t refuse. It’s a chance to win a pair of custom Godfather-inspired Tommy Guns. Blowndeadline and MAD Custom Coating go all out for these, as they do with every one of our “Custom Challenges.” To learn more about winning these guns, visit BallisticMag.com/Win-Auto-Ordnance.

There’s also our most epic giveaway yet. Hornady asked us, "What can you do with a barrel of 14,000 rounds of our 5.56mm Frontier ammo?" So we grabbed a POF P415, torture tested it to 10,000 rounds and decided to give away whatever was left, which includes 3,800 rounds and a new rifle. Enter to win now at BallisticMag.com/Win-Hornady-POF.

Be sure to pick up your copy of this epic issue by hitting newsstands on June 11, 2019. Physical and digital copies are on sale at OutdoorGroupStore.com

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Carrie Roeder, Senior Director, Marketing and Operations