FEBRUARY 27, 2024

Tim Kennedy Talks Warzones, Culture and Classrooms on GunBroker.com’s No Lowballers Podcast

This week, the No Lowballers podcast is joined by special forces veteran, mixed-martial arts fighter, and social media star Tim Kennedy.

From his work with Save Our Allies conducting rescue missions in active war zones, to setting up a network of schools in the United States, Tim Kennedy is a man who simply lives to serve.

The NLB panel gets Tim to sit down, a feat in and of itself, and walk the audience through the origins of Save Our Allies and how a group of independent veterans stepped up to help Americans and our allies when their government let them down.

Next, Kennedy walks through his mindset when creating a gear package for missions as widely varied as street fighting block to block; heading unarmed into a non-permissive battlefield; or taking his wife out to dinner in a gentrified part of town.

Finally, Tim shares the journey of his Apogee Strong mentorship program, which helps youth learn the skills they need to be a positive, contributing member of society. This program has been a success, leading to a rapid growth in physical schools with the number expected to reach 51 schools in 2024.

Learn all about one of the most interesting men in America and what drives him and excites him, this week on the No Lowballers podcast.

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