NOVEMBER 3, 2022

New MDT XRS CZ 455

MDT is excited to announce the addition of MDT XRS CZ 455 to their lineup of XRS chassis inlets. The MDT XRS Chassis provides shooters with an accurate platform to mount your CZ rimfire action. At its core is the full Aluminum micro-chassis that guarantees a perfect ridged platform. With a variety of accessories, your CZ rimfire rifles can utilize of all the addons we have like the MDT XRS Weight-Compatible Forend, enclosed forend, and our MDT XRS TIMBR kit. It’s a great option for a 22LR match or hunting rifle.

The XRS Chassis is designed for shooters that want the fit and feel of a traditional shaped rifle stock with the benefits of a modern precision rifle chassis system. Each XRS Chassis is constructed from a full-length CNC machined core of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum wearing high strength textured polymer panels for insulation from the elements. The precision aluminum V-block bedding system ensures fit and function to maximize the accuracy of any rifle action. The XRS Chassis features a replaceable over molded and textured grip system, with both an angled grip and a vertical grip included in box.

The MDT XRS CZ 455 is now available with a starting price of $549.95 USD. Details can be found at

ABOUT MDT Sporting Goods Ltd.

MDT is the leading precision rifle chassis manufacturer with offices and production in Chilliwack, BC, Canada, and Everson, WA, USA. MDT was born out of a single purpose: to provide better value and better accuracy for precision rifles. The first MDT chassis was developed from the ground up based on the needs of shooters. Our engineers verified every function and feature based on the input from competitive shooters. The result was a game-changing product called the TAC21 that continues to perform at the range, in the field, and in competitions worldwide. Today, MDT chassis, magazines, and accessories are still developed the same way. We collaborate, question, and verify our concepts with precision shooters from around the globe to ensure that every MDT product is designed with the same single purpose: to help you Shoot Better. For more information, see