AUGUST 16, 2022

CrossBreed Now Offers Faxon FX-19 Hellfire Holsters

SPRINGFIELD, MO - CrossBreed® Holsters, a leading manufacturer in the category of concealed carry, continues to expand its holster offerings to cover the handguns most used by today's EDC and CCW practitioners. This now includes holsters for the premium FX-19 Hellfire compact 9mm from Faxon Firearms.

CrossBreed currently offers its innovative Rogue holster for FX-19 Hellcat owners. The Rogue is the newest offering in the CrossBreed holster family. It is a revolutionary system that combines the best features of the company's all-Kydex holster design with adjustable fit and accessory features that allow the user to create a fully customizable system to meet his or her specific carry needs.

The Rogue holster begins with a rugged, precision-molded Kydex pocket with a deep sight channel to accommodate pistols with suppressor-height sights, such as those on the FX-19 Hellfire. The pocket is also contoured for use with optics.

Designed primarily for IWB carry, the Rogue features an adjustable retention system so users can find their optimal balance between security and draw effort. Also adjustable is the holster cant, or draw angle, to suit individual shooting styles. Customers can select different clip and loop options to tailor carry height and position to their personal preferences. There are even loops available that convert the Rogue to OWB carry for maximum comfort. A concealment claw is also included that positions the grip closer to the body to optimize discreet carry.

To further expand the Rogue's functionality, customers can later opt for the Rogue Upgrade Kit. The Upgrade Kit adds a Kydex magazine carrier to the holster. A flexible, multi-position adapter joins the holster and mag carrier, extending the belt clip distance and allowing the combination to "wrap" around the waist for all-day carry comfort.

Shooters who want the entire Rogue holster solution can buy the Rogue System. This includes the holster, detachable magazine carrier, and concealment claw in a complete package.

For those FX-19 Hellfire owners who favor a more minimalist approach to their IWB carry, CrossBreed's sister company N8 Tactical offers the Xecutive Holster. Touted as one of the sturdiest and most comfortable IWB holsters on the market by firearm media reviewers, the Xecutive is an all-Kydex unit with a minimal footprint to enhance concealability without sacrificing firearm support or carry comfort. As with the Rogue, the Xecutive offers custom positioning to accommodate various carry and shooting styles, and optional clips, loops, and a Modwing Claw are available for further carry customization.

Finally, both the Crossbreed and N8 Tactical holsters for the FX-19 Hellfire are offered in one of five custom prints: Tropical, Terrain Grey, Tattoo, Real Camo, and Old Glory.

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