JUNE 11, 2019

American Handgunner DIY Guns, For Aspiring Gunsmiths

From the simple task of swapping out grips to the more refined process of tuning an extractor (and everything in between) the debut Special Edition issue of American Handgunner DIY Guns provides a down-to-earth guide for budding enthusiasts who want to hone their gunsmithing skills.

Contributing Editors Lewis Patrick and Rob Reasor lead the way by completing a Polymer80 9mm build kit to impressive results detailed in “Send In The Clones.” Patrick and Reasor report, “An 80% pistol build is not a money-saving alternative to buying a new pistol. It will cost you more, but that’s not the point. The win is in building your own handgun and the satisfaction coming from a job well done.”

Witness how one leader of the trade takes double-action revolvers to new heights in “A Master’s Blaster.” The behind-the-scenes look at how Marc Morganti built a pair of Rugers Gemini Customs-style is sure to drive many inspired readers to their workbench.

It’s not all about handguns, though. Plenty of long-gun projects are included to keep hobbyists busy. Follow Will Dabbs, MD’s journey of restoring an 18th century Brown Bess musket and Frank Jardim’s completion of a Traditions Mountain Rifle from a kit (something he argues every serious firearms enthusiast should do at least once in their lifetime).

In “Shop Hints: Lathes, Mills & More — What Do You Really Need?” Publisher Roy Huntington offers a compelling list of tools and machinery anyone from novice to advanced armorer should have at-hand.

Armed with the right equipment and advice provided in DIY Guns — including reviews of innovative tools and reputable sources of information — tackling projects like repairing stock snaps and splits, making a custom Kydex holster, shortening a levergun, cold bluing a classic wheelgun, rehabilitating wooden handgun grips and more has never been easier.

A successful DIY project is all but assured with the Traditions Performance Firearms Prairie Hawken Rifle Kit topping the Special Edition Gun Giveaway. The .50-cal. flintlock rifle has a 28" octagonal barrel, double-set trigger and custom silver inlays and finishes. Additional prizes include a Birchwood Casey Deluxe Perma Blue Liquid Gun Blue & Tru-Oil Gun Stock Finish Kit and a Long Premium Shop Apron & Professional Gunsmith Needle File Set from Brownells. Readers are invited to enter the drawing for the package valued at $793 by visiting www.americanhandgunner.com/giveaways.

Included in the issue is a Custom Gunsmith Directory with contact information for the finest experts in the field, and a Resource Guide containing details on where to find guns, gear and information.

The American Handgunner Special Edition issue of DIY Guns is available on newsstands now. Order online by visiting https://fmgpubs.com/DIY19/

CONTACT: Michael O. Humphries