APRIL 16, 2024

SDS Imports Hires Christopher DiCenso as CEO

SDS Imports, the internationally recognized firearms manufacturer that provides high quality firearms at unrivaled value is pleased to announce that the company has hired Christoper DiCenso as the company’s CEO.

Chris brings over thirty years of experience to SDS, and most recently was a Managing Partner at Growth Strategy Partners where he specialized in helping mostly firearm and related companies accelerate their revenue, profit, and organizational growth. Chris has been the President of Camfour, started his career as a manufacturing engineer at Sturm Ruger, and competes regularly in IDPA, USPSA and 3-Gun matches.

”I met SDS Imports when I was the President of Camfour and was impressed with the company’s product offering, but more importantly their longer term view on customer relationships. SDS has a very strong foundation and I look forward to working with the owners and team.”

SDS Imports has five impressive firearm brands under its umbrella, Tisas USA, Tokarev USA, MAC, Inglis, and Spandau Arms, all which Chris twill look to help grow their sales and reach in the United States firearm market space.

Since 2017 the founding partners of SDS Imports have leaned on their experience in importation, manufacturing, and engineering to ensure a successful entry into the United States markets for these brands, and now with Chris’s unique set of skills will look to continue their company’s growth.