NOVEMBER 16, 2023

Target Sports USA Launches Exclusive Mystery Bundle Deals

Target Sports USA, a leading online retailer of ammunition, firearms, and shooting accessories, is thrilled to announce an exciting offering for its esteemed customers - Mystery Bundle Deals.

This week, Target Sports USA is launching an extraordinary Mystery Bundle Deal #1, exclusively designed for our customers and AMMO+ members. Valued at $120, this exclusive bundle can be yours for only $39.99, with free shipping for AMMO+ members.

The Mystery Bundle Deal is a testament to Target Sports USA's commitment to consistently providing unparalleled value and exclusive benefits to its loyal customers, especially those in the AMMO+ community.

Key Highlights of the Mystery Bundle Deal:

  1. $120 Value: For just $39.99, AMMO+ members can enjoy a carefully curated Mystery Bundle of five items. That makes each piece priced at $7.99 each.
  2. Diverse Selection: The Mystery Bundle encompasses a selection of at least five items of premium shooting accessories catering to the preferences of the shooting community.
  3. Free Shipping: Target Sports USA is going the extra mile by offering free shipping exclusively for AMMO+ members, ensuring a cost-effective shopping experience.
  4. Limited Availability: The Mystery Bundle Deal is available in limited quantities. AMMO+ members are encouraged to act promptly upon receiving texts and emails to secure their Mystery Bundle before stocks run out!

How to Access the Mystery Bundle Deal:

  1. Lookout for Notifications: Keep an eye on your inbox and text messages for exclusive notifications regarding the Mystery Bundle Deal.
  2. Swift Action: Act promptly upon receiving the notification to secure your Mystery Bundle
  3. AMMO+: Ensure you're an active AMMO+ member to get Free shipping on the Mystery Bundle

Target Sports USA is committed to providing exceptional service and a wide selection of products to the shooting sports community. With a focus on customer satisfaction, quality products, and exclusive membership benefits, Target Sports USA continues to redefine the online ammunition and firearms retail experience.

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