JANUARY 10, 2023

Liberty Ammunition’s “OverWatch” Ammo

Bradenton, Florida –

Liberty Ammunition is proud to announce an ammunition breakthrough for 2023. A new line called “OverWatch™” will be launched at SHOT Show.

Liberty Ammunition “OverWatch” was developed at the request of a government agency. It has an “Open Cavity Design” (OCD™) with the feature of a delayed rupture. This creates the benefit of “Maximum Organ Displacement” (MOD™).

As with all Liberty Ammunition, OverWatch exceeds barrier penetration requirements and still ruptures as designed in soft tissue.

“We are extremely proud of this new design; it is the ultimate in self-defense ammunition. OverWatch provides terminal performance through hydrostatic shock and deep penetration. The President referenced this terminality in a speech and OverWatch delivers superior terminal performance for self-defense.” said Gary Ramey, CEO for Liberty Ammunition.

Ramey added “OverWatch will have all calibers for law enforcement/government agencies and core self-defense calibers for the civilian market. OverWatch will be available through our distributor network and begin shipping immediately after SHOT Show.

We are committed to remain the leader in self-defense ammunition and provide ammo that:

·Hits Harder than any other brand

·Is Lighter to carry than any other brand

·Faster speeds to create hydrostatic shock (terminal performance)”

OverWatch can be seen at the Liberty Ammunition SHOT Show Booth #15131.

Information will also be released on the website during SHOT Show – www.libertyammo.com

About Liberty Ammunition

Liberty Ammunition is a leading USA manufacturer of self-defense ammunition for the consumer, law enforcement and government sectors. Liberty carries the most kinetic energy of any consumer self-defense ammo and dumps ALL the energy into the threat. This creates a hydrostatic shock that eliminates the threat.

Liberty Ammunition hits harder, is lighter to carry and travels faster than any other brands. This provides maximum terminal performance and makes Liberty Ammunition the premier brand of self-defense ammunition.

Liberty ammunition is available from leading retailers and distributors in the USA.

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