FEBRUARY 20, 2018

Ruger “Officer” Size SR1911 9mm

Ruger continues to fill in their line of 1911-type pistols, this time adding an aluminum frame gun in the “Officer ACP” compact size, chambering the piece for the popular 9x19mm cartridge.

They use the “Hi-Power” cuts on the front of the slide instead of holster-biting front cocking serrations. The gun was packaged with a barrel bushing wrench, but the bull-barrel has no barrel bushing. The barrel has an integral feed ramp, preventing gouging of the aluminum frame by hollow-point projectiles and cleaning up feeding.

The sights are Novak with the seemingly required pattern of 3-white dots. The stocks are slim-line with shortened stock screws/stock screw bushings. The magazines are nominally seven-round capacity but I found them easily loaded up to 8 rounds – and I incurred no stoppages.

Interestingly, the base of the mainspring housing is rounded – not “chopped,” like some of the so-called bobtail conversions. This rounded mainspring housing, unlike standard MSH units for such short guns, is comfortable and doesn’t dig into the palm. Checkering provides the necessary friction for hold.

The black nitride coated bushing-less stainless steel bull barrel is just over 3 ½” long. A full-length guide rod adds to the weight up front for a total of just more than 27 ounces.

The G10 stocks are nicely finished, with a Ruger emblem in the middle of the textured area. The low-glare stainless slide contrasts with the deep gray aluminum frame.


Velocity in feet-per-second, chronograph 10 feet from muzzle

Ammunition                                         Velocity

American Gunner 115                                    1054

ARX Preferred Defense                     1600

NovX 65 gr. ARX                                1582

Hornady Critical Duty 135gr               1005

Hornady Critical Def. Lite-100            1042



I shot the gun “freestyle,” with one hand, with either hand. The recoil was mild, though remote cameras showed the muzzle flip was accentuated when shooting with one hand.

In handling tests, I found I could get nine rounds in the gun – eight in the magazine. I posted a Champion NRA B-8 repair center, stood off ten yards and set the timer for ten seconds. Using USA Forged 115 grain FMJ and holding high on the bullseye, I fired nine rounds from ready. I scored 88/90, not terrible.

That drill should have been fired from the holster, but as I wasn’t wearing a 1911 holster I shot it from low ready. In terms of problems, I noticed the left stock panel loosened in only 20-30 rounds.

To resolve that, I’m thinking “o-ring.” Just a message to all makers who use G10 stocks on 1911 platform guns.

There was one failure to lock open on the empty magazine. That was in a handling drill up close, shooting one-hand with the left hand. There were no other issues with the gun.

Like others in the Ruger SR1911 line, the new 9mm “officer” features an integral plunger tube, unlike 1911 pistols from other makers. The traditional plunger tube must be staked and seems to come loose if not well-staked. Other similarities with the others in the SR1911 product line includes the oversized ejection port, extended magazine release and the “original 1911 Series 70 design,” without the added firing pin safety plunger. The light titanium firing pin serves to prevent firing if dropped. The gun ships with two stainless steel magazines.

Factory specifications follow. If you’re a fan of the 1911 platform but would like a shorter, lighter 9mm version for concealed carry, the SR1911-9-AOFC deserves your consideration.

- - Rich Grassi

Specifications Ruger SR1911 9 AOFC

  • Model Number: 6758
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Capacity 7+1
  • Slide Material Stainless Steel
  • Barrel Length 3.60"
  • Grip Frame Anodized Aluminum
  • Grip Panels Deluxe Checkered G-10
  • Model Type Lightweight Officer-Style
  • Slide Finish Low-Glare Stainless
  • Width 1.34"
  • Sights Drift Adjustable Novak® 3-Dot
  • Weight 27.2 oz.
  • Overall Length 7.25"
  • Height 5"
  • Grooves 6
  • Twist 1:10" RH

Information from Ruger website.