JUNE 30, 2015

News Briefs

Renegade Holster and Leather Co. is out of business. The Wilderness Tactical used to sell their ankle holsters. Giving full credit to Renegade, The Wilderness now makes the Wilderness Renegade Ankle Holster, maintaining the tradition of quality from both companies while adding some enhancements. Available in both elastic- and leather holster bodies -- Garrity's Gunleather of Phoenix is making the optional leather holster portion for autos ontheir ankle base. For information see their website. According to NSSF's Government Relations Update, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has signed a bill which repeals the state's 48-hour waiting period for handgun purchases. In other legislative new, suppressors for hunting in Maine will become legal later this year. Maine is the 37th state to legalize the use of firearms suppressors for hunting and at shooting ranges. HIVIZ Shooting Systems, sponsor of the annual "Warrior Shootout" 3-gun competition, invites shooters to participate in this Laramie, WY charity event slated for July 11th, 2015. This annual shoot raises funds for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF) and the Stay In Step SCI Recovery Center. UTM RBT Civilian Training Ammunition (CTA) technology has been used by military and law enforcement agencies for over a decade is an alternative to firing live ammunition. Whether training beginners, for recreation or competition, it allows full 360° firing capability at home or the range. The CTA Core Kit provides the Bolt Carrier Group and CTA (Ammo) only. Converting your AR-15 takes less than 60 seconds, just a simple exchange of the bolt carrier group. LifeScience Plus announced BloodSTOP iX Battle Matrix, a promising new hemostat that could change battlefield medicine. BloodSTOP iX Battle Matrix is an absorbable, bioresorbable, lipophilic, animal-free hemostat, which resembles and is designed to handle like gauze. The release says "BloodSTOP iX Battle Matrix is easy to use: just put it on a wound and apply water, and the dressing will seal the wound and create a natural healing environment that naturally deters scabbing and scarring."