MARCH 12, 2013

IWA Report, 2013

EDITOR's NOTE: We've been honored to have one of the best-known names in firearms writing helping us get the lowdown on the largest firearms industry show in Europe, IWA, the past week. Frank explains IWA this way: "Located in Nuremberg, Germany the "IWA" Show was originally developed to showcase the products and skills of the German gunsmiths and firearms trade. It has since become the leading European international trade exhibition for the hunting, the shooting sports, outdoor equipment of all types and in recent years for law enforcement and personal security." We have photos, all from Frank James, and his descriptions of the newest gear from IWA, 2013. The Saiga MK-107 is a semi-auto rifle being offered for the first time by the Russians at IWA. It is chambered for the 5.56x45mm cartridge instead of the normal 7.62x39mm or 5.45x39mm. It is a variation of a military rifle the Russians developed to provide for more accurate fully-automatic fire, but one questions the advantage in a rifle capable only of semi-auto fire. FIRST SPEAR is a tactical equipment company based in St. Louis, MO. They know the importance of the IWA for more sales and increased exports. Even though the firm is only two years ago their experienced staff know the value of attending the IWA Show and international sales. Shown here is a new blowback operated, closed bolt submachine gun from Swiss company B&T AG. It features a 3 lug barrel, a folding stock and select-fire capability. This together with the Sig MP-X represents renewed interest by manufacturers who sell to law enforcement in tactical weapons chambered for the more traditional calibers and not the newer anti-soft body armor cartridges and guns. The M26 is a modular accessory shotgun system developed by Ira Kay. Because it features a short 16.5 inch barrel it is ruled by the American BATF as an NFA device, but that doesn't mean the European law enforcement market isn't interested in a short handy dual purpose firearm for both 'breaching' and 'entry' duty. This is an image of the new HK developed MG121 which is the new belt fed 7.62 NATO machine gun that some think will become the standard general purpose machine gun for the German Army.