FEBRUARY 22, 2024

Team Winchester sporting clays shooters kicked off the season with big wins at the recent Jack Link’s Cup at Quail Creek Plantation in Okeechobee, Florida. Joe Fanizzi, who won the inaugural event in 2022, was triumphant once again with a monster score of 195/200.
TGun Owners of America (GOA) and Gun Owners Foundation (GOF) petitioned for writ of certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court in their challenge to New York’s mistakenly named “Concealed Carry Improvement Act.”
Attorneys representing the plaintiffs in a challenge of the federal ban on handgun sales to young adults have filed a brief with the U.S. Court of Appeals explaining why the ruling by the district court striking down the ban should be upheld. The Second Amendment Foundation was originally a party to the case, but withdrew and is now financially supporting it.

Back by popular demand, SIG SAUER is pleased to announce the ROSE Seminar Series will return in 2024 with eight dates confirmed and scheduled at SIG Elite Dealers across the U.S.
Millennium Treestands® announces the release of the Field Pro-Turkey Seat. The Field Pro-Turkey Seat is perfect for all types of turkey hunting. The seat is nimble and lightweight at only 6.4 pounds and equipped with an adjustable padded carry strap, allowing hunters to venture farther and hunt longer.
Bear Creek Arsenal’s new ambidextrous charging handle is a crucial accessory for any firearm enthusiast. Our ambidextrous charging handle allows you to manipulate the firearm efficiently using either hand.

Mission First Tactical (MFT) is pleased to announce their Green Translucent 5.56 Magazine will be featured exclusively in the next TacPack monthly tactical/EDC subscription box for Saint Patrick’s Day. Sign up for TacPack before the end of February with the “MFT” promo code to receive an extra $60 worth of tactical gear.
Located in Spring, Texas, WATCHTOWER Firearms is a veteran-owned company. At present, the company builds spec-ops and competition-grade MSR-style rifles, the Apache double stack 1911 pistol, the Jedburgh suppressor, and a wide range of accessories and gear.
For 2023, Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. reported net sales of $543.8 million and diluted earnings of $2.71/share, a nine percent decrease from from 2022 Ruger CEO Chris Killoy attributed to softening consumer demand, inflationary pressures and rising interest rates..

Walther Arms, Inc. knows what it’s like to embody an unrivaled sophistication. After all, you can’t be the chosen pistol of the world’s favorite secret agent without having that elegance overflow into everything else, including the all-new Walther website.
Liberty Ammunition, the leading manufacturer of self-defense ammunition, is partnering with Odle Sales to represent the Eastern 2/3 of the United States.
Celerant Technology is proud to announce the launch of its new website. A refreshed aesthetic paired with restructured and fresh new copy, plus a new learning center to help educate dealers aligns with the company’s mission to provide retail solutions driving growth and innovation.

Maxim Defense is proud to announce the Maxim Defense PDX-SD personal defense weapon with integrated suppressor is now offered in .300BLK and 7.62x39mm chamberings. The PDX-SD embodies
WATCHTOWER Firearms is in full production of its APACHE 1911 Double-Stack Pistol. Available in two colors, graphite & black and graphite & copper, the APACHE 1911 double stack has a suggested retail price of $3990.
Once the domain of special forces or trophy-seeking alien predators, thermal optics have now come down to obtainable price points for most varmint and hog hunters. Kevin Reese and Jeff Murray from Sightmark and Pulsar optics join the No Lowballers to explain how more affordable thermals doesn’t mean reduced capability.

The 30-30 gets called a lot of things, but new technology and a rabid fan base are breathing new life into this venerable round. In this episode, Mark and Ryan put this new technology to the test, compare it to traditional rounds, and answer the question, “Is Grandpa’s 30-30 better than ever?”.
NSSF® is pleased to announce that Crow Shooting Supply has stepped up to encourage shooting ranges to host more of NSSF’s First Shots® programs through a generous store credit match incentive.


Editor: Today’s classic is from 2011.

“Amateurs imitate and professionals steal,” I think is how the old saying goes. This is true of any art, and it applies to fighting with firearms as well. As with all weapons, there are techniques which apply to specific applications -- and principles, which hold for a variety of situations. You have to know both in order to fight efficiently with firearms. In the beginning we imitate the actions of others so that we can learn the physical actions. Eventually we start wiring it into the thought chain, actually learning the mental aspects of the process. As we learn these skills they become part of us, and we become part of them.

When you start to study firearms, everything is new, and once you get into it, realizing that shooting is a small part of the big picture, there is a lot of information to be processed and performed. With firearms you have to learn the fundamentals – marksmanship, manipulations, how to move and use cover – and actually drill on these skills to the point that you can perform them all properly, and without much conscious thought.

Once these skills have been mastered you have freed up the conscious mind to start thinking about tactics. This entails working scenario-based drills, starting with the simple and progressing up to the complex. At this point you are actually learning how to use the separate techniques and principles you’ve acquired as dictated under a variety of situations and conditions.

Now is the point that you start to form and create your martial art. In the beginning we were imitating what we saw others doing, without the knowledge necessary to fully understand the what, why, when, how, what if and such of what we were doing. Once you have a working understanding of all this, then you must make them work for you. Modifications are made to fit your physical capabilities, the mechanical aspects of your body.

The same is true for how you process the problem mentally. Do you see the individual aspects first and then combine them into the big picture, or do you notice the larger framework of what’s occurring and then the separate segments? Normally an individual is naturally inclined to see the forest or the trees and then work the other direction. Our job is to train the mind so it can process from one to another as dictated by the situation you face.

Your task is to develop your art, as an individual, not simply mimicking the moves of someone else. Your art will be different from the art of others. It doesn’t have to be pretty; you don’t want it complicated or fancy, it just has to work, every time.

Reaching this point requires plenty of training/practice, and thought. Remember fighting is a mental process, and defeating the threat requires thought. Evaluate the situation, create a plan, and then act, performing the skills needed to win.

— Tiger McKee

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