SEPTEMBER 21, 2023

The Peacemaker CCW Jacket is the most discreet, affordable, and practical way to incorporate body armor protection in everyday wear. It also has a one-of-a-kind feature, unlike any other personal protection.
Blackhawk congratulates tactical athletes Zach Rodman and Ehea Schuerch for their third-place team finish at the Tactical Games West Virginia Regional Team event. Rodman and Schuerch teamed up for the first time at the West Virginia match and were able to reach the podium after a dramatic second day finish.
Renowned competitive shooter Jessie Harrison has once again emerged victorious at the highly competitive USPSA National Championships. Harrison's outstanding performance earned her the prestigious title of Ladies Open National Champion, solidifying her status as a dominant force in the world of practical shooting and securing her 24th national championship.

Maxim Defense announced that they will be exhibiting at the 2023 TRIGGRCON Firearms Convention. Maxim Defense will feature their latest product offerings at the event, which will take place in Wichita from Friday, September 22nd to Sunday, September 24th, 2023.
Luth-AR announced their participation in the 2023 TRIGGRCON Expo. Attendees are encouraged to visit at Booth G2 and experience their latest product offerings.
FALCO Holsters was recently featured in the 2023 Guns & Ammo Carry magazine in a story titled “FALCO Holsters Mastering Old-World Craftsmanship and High Tech” written by Kevin Reese. The article chronicles the origin of FALCO Holsters, the history of its medieval home, and how it grew from a garage business into a state-of-the-art international manufacturer.

The Alpha Stand, from THROOM TARGETS, is made of “ShootThroo” self-healing polymer that eliminates ricochets and splatter. No hardware is required for assembly.
Silencer Central, America’s largest silencer dealer, announced its continued partnership with Pheasants Forever. The mission of Pheasants Forever is to conserve pheasants, quail and other wildlife through habitat improvements, public access, education and conservation advocacy.
NEXTORCH Industries is seeking input from experts in the low light tactical field as they are updating their Low Light Tactics Handbook. Now in its second edition, NEXTORCH’s latest version of their Low Light Tactics Handbook will include more modern techniques that take into consideration the increased outputs of today’s tactical lights.

B&T USA is seeking a Marketing Manager to contribute and manage marketing initiatives that support the sales team and our channel partners.
Attorneys representing the Second Amendment Foundation and its partners in a challenge of Delaware’s ban on so-called “assault weapons” and “large capacity magazines” have filed a reply brief with the U.S. Third District Court of Appeals in a consolidation of cases.
MDT Sporting Goods Ltd. announced the release of its newest product, the 22-250 MDT Metal AICS Magazine - 10 Round. It's the first 10-round metal magazine for 22-250 caliber rifles. Made from nitrided steel, it has a compact form factor.

The Tisas’ Model 1911A1 Aviator is ideal for home defense, personal protection, law enforcement, or simply to shoot at paper at the local range, and, it easily fits into any family’s budget.
Smith & Wesson Expands the M&P5.7 handgun with the introduction of their M&P5.7 FDE. The all FDE version offers more variety at the counter for consumers, with the same features that people love about the platform. Contact Camfour for more ordering details on this or the entire Smith & Wesson product line.
KOR Technik announced a technology partnership with Zarges USA. Zarges’ aluminum cases integrated with KOR Technik VRS protection panels, represent the latest evolution in reusable packaging for transporting objects.

MDT Sporting Goods Ltd. announced the release of the ACC Elite Chassis System, now optimized for the Tikka T3 Short Action and Remington 700 Long Action CIP. The ACC Elite for Tikka T3 Short Action and Remington 700 Long Action CIP retains all the advanced features that set the original apart.
Streamlight, Inc. launched the USB-C rechargeable Wedge XT, the latest in its line of high-performance everyday carry lights. Delivering up to 500 lumens for two hours on high, and measuring just 4.25 inches, the new light features a flat, low-profile design that allows for concealed carry in either pocket, and a tactical push-button tail switch for easy, one-handed use.
Mission First Tactical (MFT) announces the launch of the High Ride Adjustable holster belt loop attachment perfect for every-day carry firearms. The new MFT High Ride Adjustable holster belt loop attachment is compatible to fit the most popular 3-hole pattern holster.

Camfour announces the addition of Fiocchi Ammunition to their vendor lineup. The addition of Fiocchi Ammunition will help Camfour increase their vendor and product selection for a broader assortment to further support their customer base.
Streamlight, Inc. launched the new SpeedLocker, a portable storage container with a secure, non-electronic keypad locking system that provides fast, one-handed direct access to valuable items at home or on the go without the need for batteries or a power source.
Brownells unveiled two new additions to its popular line of BRN-180 uppers, releasing a 14.3” and a 13.9” complete upper, both chambered in .223 Wylde. Both uppers are in stock and shipping now.
Meopta Sport Optics is excited to announce its Optika5 2-10x42 riflescope has been named “Best Overall Riflescope Under $500” by Outdoor Life.
AmmoSquared announces a new collaboration with Aegis Gun Care. This partnership, formed under AmmoSquared's new Brand Integration Program, signifies both companies' commitment to offering access to unique and innovative products and services.
Silencer Central has officially announced its continued partnership with Pheasants Forever. The mission of Pheasants Forever is to conserve pheasants, quail and other wildlife through habitat improvements, public access, education and conservation advocacy.
Armasight extends summer savings with 10% off select night vision and accessories. This promotion is available through all authorized Armasight dealers. Promotion is valid now through September 30, 2023.
The Armory Life™ is proud to announce that respected military consultant, actor, director and writer Capt. Dale Dye, USMC (Ret) has authored an article on the Battle of Peleliu, one of the most brutal encounters in the Pacific Theater during World War II.
Benelli's Super Black Eagle 3 line of semi-automatic shotguns remains at the forefront of the industry. In 2023, the SBE 3 series further enhances its field performance by introducing a new camouflage option.

Today’s feature is from correspondent Dave Spaulding.

Enhance (en-hans)

Verb: to raise to a higher degree; intensify; magnify. To raise the value or price of. To make better, improve


verb: To change somewhat the form or qualities of; alter partially; amend

When physical changes are made to any object, they are certainly a modification, no argument. What I wish to discuss is how the end user views what is a very personal object, the everyday carry handgun. Much has been said about modifying a gun to be used for personal security. Some maintain that any modifications will result in legal judgments if not jail time if undertaken -- while others totally ignore any legal implications and carry guns that border on the absurd! I once saw a student’s carry gun with an engraving on the slide of the grim reaper pulling a line of victims behind him wrapped in chains! Other such additions like barrel crown messages saying “smile and wait for the flash” are certainly ill advised. It seems to me the degree and purpose of these changes is where the potential problem lies.

Two of the author’s early enhanced pistols: An HK USP-C enhanced by Robar with a grip stipple by David Bowie. The Glock has a grip reduction from ROBAR, the original company to perform such a modification, and a rounded slide from David Bowie.

I have always carried (46 years now) what I think of as an enhanced handgun. I have always made some type of modification to every gun I have owned, having never been satisfied with anything straight from the factory. To me, changes made to my guns were done to make it perform better for me. I also never carried an issued gun, always opting to buy my own so I could enhance as I saw fit. My agency had no provisions, regulations or restrictions for changes to a personal gun, merely a list of approved models.

In the revolver days, the enhancements were straightforward, things most everyone did if they cared at all about shooting well. I had an action job performed so I could “roll” the DA trigger back without all the glitches and snags that were apparent in the factory revolver action. I changed the wood bell-shaped grips to a more physiologically efficient tapered grip that followed the shape of the hand. After all, the pinky finger is the shortest, why do the factory grips get larger at the bottom? I also removed the bottom finger groove, leaving the top one so my hand could wrap around naturally.

I liked the red plastic insert on the wide front sight, but removed the white outline rear sight and replaced it with a flat black blade. I also had all sharp edges rounded (like on the cylinder release) so I could quickly manipulate the revolver without cutting my hands. This made for a carry gun that I could really shoot well. And that, my friends, is what I was trying to achieve. In my mind, these were performance enhancements not modifications.

Semi-auto pistols came to my agency in 1987. My first pistol was a Smith & Wesson Model 669. I liked the size of the gun, but there were a few things that had to go. First, the crunchy trigger action needed to be fixed. There was no way I could shoot this gun to its full potential with all the glitches in the action. Next, the sharp edges of the two plastic grip panels were blended to the frame to remove the sharp edges, while the grip frame itself was also rounded. I liked the front sight with its red line, but hated the white outline rear. I had the rear sight flattened and serrated. A carry bevel package was then added to remove all sharp edges and make it more snag resistant under clothing.

Several years later, S & W replaced the 669 with the Third Generation 6906 with Novak tritium sights. I sold the 669 for more than I paid and bought one. The one piece, wrap around grip was a big improvement, but once again the action needed smoothing. I removed the rear Novak sight and replaced it with a Trijicon rear that had a notch for one hand manipulation. The white rings around the rear tritium vials were backed out. Like before, all sharp edges were removed.

Gun number 13 as described in the article, enhanced to perfection for the author by Bowie Tactical Concepts.

As additional models of semi-auto pistols were approved, I experimented with other manufactures. The SIG P-225 became my companion for a while but before it went into my holster, it went off to Robbie Barrkman at ROBAR for a few enhancements. A trigger job, the installation of a short reach trigger, a modified slide stop (so my shooting hand thumb did not rest on it), tritium sights with the front painted orange around the tritium vial, sharp edges removed and NP-3 added to all internal parts. A SIG P-228 followed later for the same package.

The move to the .40 S&W by American law enforcement led me to adopt the Heckler & Koch USP Compact. I sent the USP-C to ROBAR and had them perform several modifications including an action job, NP-3 on all the internal parts and the addition of tritium sights with a painted front sight. On the USP, the slide lock lever is mounted in the middle of the frame and my forward shooting hand thumb would rest on the rear corner. I had Robar round the rear corner so my thumb avoided it and then coat it with NP-3. As part of this enhancement package, ROBAR added forward cocking serrations. I have always chamber checked forward on the slide and these serrations offer an improved gripping surface. Admittedly, I chuckle when people make them an issue. I’ve seen folks come unhinged over forward serrations which seems a bit silly. If it’s a good gun otherwise, just ignore them.

David Bowie was just getting his gunsmith business started about this time. We worked together at the Tactical Defense Institute and I had him stipple the grip of my USP-C. I have been a fan of grip stippling ever since, believing it offers superior friction to anything else I have tried. If it comes back a little sharp, rub some sand paper over the surface until you achieve the grip you desire. The way I see it, checkering stabs the skin while serrations allow the skin to fill the void the serrations create. I think this is a big difference.

Gun number 13 utilizes the excellent Trijicon RMR Type II in conjunction with Ameriglo BUIS.

Towards the end of my LE career, I moved back to the 9mm seeing little difference between it and the .40 S & W. I adopted the Glock 19 with a grip reduction, finding it to be “big enough but small enough” for everyday carry. I have stayed with the G19 for over 20 years now and have owned a series of enhanced models. My most recent EDC pistol is certainly my most enhanced version. It is a “Gucci Glock” build with most of the components coming from after-market companies. During the great lock down of 2020/21, I started to build these after-market pistols as something to do. Each one I built was better than the last and when I stopped, I had built 13 guns. I gifted one to my son and sold the rest.

Gun number 13 is still in my possession and uses a heavily ported Rival Arms slide which accepts a carry optic, something that is now found on many factory pistols. While it makes some of my friends and former students cringe, I have “gone over to the dot side.” Why? I can see the dot without wearing corrective lenses. The optic on pistol 13 is a Trijicon RMR, though I have also successfully used an Ameriglo Haven, Holosun SCS and Bushnell RXS 250. Am I concerned about the reliability of the carry optic? About the same as I am my Toyota truck. If I maintain it, it works just fine. The optic is backed up with irons, however. In this case, it’s a set from Ameriglo that was made for a large Federal LE Agency.

A Glock 19 customized for Kelly McCann by David Bowie. The gun was a gift from Trijicon for assistance in their original Carry Optics program which resulted in the RMR.

The barrel is also from Rival Arms while the slide stop lever is from Vickers Tactical. The trigger action is stock Glock, which includes a 3.5 connector, but has been highly polished by yours truly. I remember very clearly my 8th Grade Metal Shop teacher saying “where metal meets metal, polish for increased performance”. Made sense then and it makes sense now. The frame is an inexpensive after-market version I bought online with the full intention of sending it off to David Bowie at Bowie Tactical Concepts. I have never been satisfied with any Glock grip, regardless of who made it. I want a Glock grip that fits my hand like a 1911, which means the front and back straps are parallel to one another. It’s not just a grip reduction, it’s a grip reconstruction!

David Bowie offers more of a grip reconstruction versus a grip reduction. Gun number 13 has a 1911 profile with a straight mainspring housing.

David cuts the grip down and rebuilds it. He can also add material if the grip is not big enough or you need an enhanced tang to eliminate slide bite. I’m not sure what type of compound he uses, but he can make a polymer grip feel like just about any handgun you desire. David can also enhance your trigger guard to get the hand as high as possible or to help the shooter achieve the same grip time and again. He can also add thumb pads to both sides of the frame, something I have come to prefer as they help me obtain a consistent grip no matter how fast I wrap my hands around the frame. In the end, I have a grip shape that allows me to point my muzzle right where I want it with little effort, something that is very important and quite under-rated when using carry optics. David can also work over the top half of any pistol, offering action jobs and advanced machining on any slide to include a variety carry optic cuts.

While it is fancier than I usually carry, pistol 13 performs exactly how I want it. Something that enhances my capabilities and increases confidence. Some say I am flirting with legal trouble by carrying an enhanced handgun, but as I have stated earlier, I have carried one all my life. I have put a lot of thought into it and I am prepared to articulate my reasoning. If avoiding legal problems was my main concern, I would just stay home. Pistol enhancements are directed at enhancing my ability to prevail.

You certainly have the right to see it differently.

— Dave Spaulding

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