MARCH 14, 2023

Hornady congratulates sponsored shooters Austin Orgain and Doug Koenig on their performance at Clay’s Cartridge Classic, March 4-5, 2023, in Leedey, Oklahoma
Hosted October 19th-22nd in Wallis, Texas, the Primary Arms Space City Challenge 2023 has opened its registration for competitors looking to participate in this exciting Major-level match.
AMMO, Inc. announced that management will participate in a fireside chat at the 35th Annual Roth Conference being held on March 12-14, 2023 at The Ritz Carlton, Laguna Niguel in Dana Point, California.

T4E (Training 4 Engagement) will exhibit at the 2023 International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association 2023 Conference Expo in St. Louis, Missouri, on March 20-25. With more than 1,000 qualified law enforcement professionals attending the ILEETA Expo each year, T4E training markers will appear in booth #432.
Alien Gear Holsters will be attending the upcoming International Law Enforcement Educators & Trainers Association conference in St. Louis, Missouri on March 20-25.
Primary Arms Government has announced its attendance at the upcoming Georgia Tactical Officers Association /Alabama Tactical Officers Association 2023 Annual Training Conference, which takes place in Columbus, GA from March 12-17.

The Elite IWB Clip On Gun Holster is crafted for inside waistband carry and maximum concealability. It’s now available for the Springfield Armory Hellcat and the SIG SAUER P365.
MidwayUSA’s Sam Moreland was recently promoted to the position of Logistics Inbound Manager.
Brownells donated $22,222 to three different gun rights organizations as part of the second annual 2A Day celebration held on February 22, 2023.

Panteao Productions announces the launch of banner advertising on the Make Ready TV website.
Camfour announces the addition of Rugged Suppressors to their vendor lineup. Camfour is a national wholesaler of firearms, ammunition, and accessories for the shooting sports industry.
Built into the Burris Signature LRF 2000’s rugged armored rubber exterior is a sophisticated program and laser rangefinding system that allows the user to customize the operation and data feedback for spot-on ranging accuracy in any environmental setting.

Rock River Arms introduces its new Operator DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) series for 2023. This new series includes four models chambered for .308/7.62x51 and two models chambered in .223/5.56 NATO.
The DeSantis Gunhide #097 Woodsman holster is now made for the Browning Buckmark 5 ½” with optic, the Ruger Mark IV 22/45 with red dot and the S&W Performance Center M41 with red dot optic.
MTM Case-Gard expands its shooting support system offerings for 2023 with The Bull rifle rest. Built similar in design to the company's popular K-Zone shooting rest, The Bull is sized to accommodate full-length rifles and shotguns.

Springfield Armory announces the release of the XD-M Elite 4.5” OSP 10mm in Desert FDE. The gun features a 4.5″ match grade Melonite finish barrel and the ergonomic frame houses a 16-round, double-column stainless steel magazine.
While German authorities continue their investigation into the mass shooting at a Jehovah’s Witnesses hall in Hamburg, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms says U.S. politicians should learn something from the tragic incident.
Walther announced a new free red dot promotion in partnership with AMERIGLO. From 03/13/2023 through 04/17/2023, any law-abiding consumer who purchases a new, standard PDP or PDP F-Series will receive a free AMERIGLO Haven Handgun Red Dot Sight (MSRP Value: $379.)

Heckler & Koch announces HK March Mag-ness consumer rebate – offering two additional magazines with the purchase of a full-size VP9 pistol. Now that ammunition is finally stocked on the shelves, it’s the perfect time to get a new HK with plenty of magazines.
The April-May 2023 issue of Personal Defense World comes packed full of all the latest and greatest from SHOT Show 2023. New products include the Beretta 80X Cheetah, the POF-USA Tombstone, the S&W CSX and more.
The February/March 2023 issue of Ballistic Magazine shows the future of firepower on the cover. Gear includes the Magpul/ZEV FDP-9 folder and the Coil Accelerator CA-09.
Henry Repeating Arms recently discovered a safety issue affecting certain lever action .45-70 Gov’t rifles manufactured between December 14, 2022, and January 11, 2023. Henry is voluntarily initiating a recall to protect the safety of its customers because, under certain conditions, it is possible that some of these rifles may unintentionally discharge without the trigger being pulled.

I’m the last to catch up to the current lingo, but a term keeps popping up in internet scribblings as well as on various podcasts and I had to “look it up.”

The term is “NPC,” “non-player character.” Taken, I see, from table games and video games, it’s come to be an insult to people who put forth statements (I hesitate to call them “opinions”) that make it appear the person is “unable to form thoughts or opinions of their own” – according to Wikipedia.

Yes, I know about Wikipedia. I had to start somewhere.

In our field of operational emergencies, we see non-involved persons, “no-shoot targets” who stand around or wander aimlessly during a gun battle or riot. While they may be clueless, it’s inappropriate to let one of our outgoing rounds come into contact with them.

We have to understand they’re out there – and that reasons beyond inattention and stupidity may be at play. And we have to have our game down such that we don’t inadvertently ventilate them.

In Jim Cirillo’s first engagement – during his very first deployment on the Stake Out Unit in New York City – he had just such a person downrange.

In the classic Jim Cirillo’s Tales of the Stakeout Squad by Paul Kirchner, the story of this event is laid out in detail. At Old MacDonald’s Farm Store, three offenders came in to rob the place. Two moved toward the cashier and manager, who were both behind a counter. When Cirillo stood, the crotch piece of the (now) ancient bullet proof vest fell off. The two offenders nearest the manager and cashier ducked behind the cashier, while the third ran toward them, only his head exposed over the shelves. Cirillo fired on the runner, lost sight of him and he turned to the others, now partially obstructed by the cashier.

His bullets passed within inches of her, striking the offenders.

She never moved. In fact, Jim noted she was standing in the same spot answering questions a considerable time later.

The manager and cashier had both been briefed, told if there was an engagement, they were to immediately drop to the floor.

The manager? He appeared to melt into the floor tiles just before the shooting started. Not the cashier who stood stock still.

How fast do you want to shoot to solve that problem? .11-15 second splits? What --the chances of hitting the ‘no-shoot’ too great?

It is.

In this case, our “NPC” didn’t realize that “movement is life,” but she may have – unpredictably – at any moment. Not all will do what Agnes did … but some may. You have to consider that the ‘frozen’ citizen may suddenly come to life and move in front of your muzzle.

We’re all aware of the body alarm reaction – “fight or flight” – which, we know, doesn’t cover the ground. More appropriately, it’s “fight, flight or freeze” (there’s one more I won’t mention here) – and people can move from one of those to another rather quickly and unexpectedly.

How can you prepare for such an eventuality? How do you know what you can do when it hits the fan? First, you must know what you can do when everything is right with the world. Then you can move from there.

Learn something from every single round you fire. Start with a benchmark – whichever you like. See what you can do when everything is right. Once you know what you can effectively do, start moving out of that comfort zone a little at a time.

Consider other issues, like target size and target distance (but I repeat myself).

You only know your speed -- and accuracy -- if you measure it. Below, specialty targets make the accuracy job more difficult. They don't help with timing either.

An option is a precision training target designed specifically for Combat Shooting & Tactics, Paul Howe’s company, by Action Target. In addition to the sighting grid aiming squares for cold gun zeroing and data collection, there are five “hostage scenario” photo targets with various head positions and faint lines to identify head overlap. Variations include a 90-degree w/ overlap, a full headshot, ¾, ½ and ¼ available target. Using it as a “avoid the citizen” target, opens the door to more than rifle training.

On other targets, it's wise to learn what your elapsed time is between shots for 100% shot accountability, zero misses. You can crank that up on the range – it’s good training to push your limits. But dwell back to operational speed – shooting in assessment time -- before you leave the range.

After that, expect NPCs to get alongside, in front of or behind, armed criminal offenders – or to stand stock-still in the way. And don’t shoot them. You can’t control what others do; you can control what you do.

-- Rich Grassi

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