JUNE 7, 2022

Crafted in 1954 by legendary gunmaker Fred Wells for Jack O’Connor and backed with rock-solid provenance, the auction of this important rifle provides an opportunity to own a historic firearm while supporting the Jack O’Connor Hunting Heritage and Education Center.
Federal Ammunition is proud to congratulate legendary shooter, hunter, author, mother, and U.S. Army veteran Julie Golob on an excellent performance at the 2022 Bianchi Cup.
ReFactor Tactical and West Coast Armor will host a fundraising event to benefit the Firearms Policy Coalition on June 17th in San Diego.

FALCO Holsters announces that their holster line fits more than 3,000 models of handguns and 40-plus lights and lasers.
The Advanced Back Holster is constructed of leather and padded Ballistic nylon. Available from Elite Survival Systems, it has a truncated muzzle design, proprietary PowerBand tension adjustment, and Velcro adjustable, reversible thumb-break retainer straps.
GPO USA announced the immediate availability of two new colors to its popular 8x42 and 10x42 ED binoculars, Desert Sand and Dark Brown Earth.

Now available for the Colt Python, Galco's Silhouette High Ride Belt Holster is a compact, concealable, secure and versatile open-muzzle design.
Replacing a factory rifle stock with a custom stock from AG Composites is a quick and easy way to increase the accuracy potential of both rifle and shooter.
Liberty Ammunition, a manufacturer of self-defense ammunition, is teaming up with Frontier Media Labs for marketing and media.

Walther Manufacturing, Inc. announced the hiring of Thomas Goike to President and CEO. Goike’s hiring is part of a long-term, strategic transition for former Walther Manufacturing President and CEO Adam Blalock.
To date, MidwayUSA Customers have contributed over $21 million dollars to the NRA-ILA National Endowment for the Protection of the 2nd Amendment.This is a special fundraising effort to raise funds for the NRA Institute for Legislative Action.
Celerant Technology recently completed its annual client conference in San Antonio, TX. Celerant hosted #ClientCon22 in-person, reconnecting firearms dealers using Stratus Enterprise, industry partners and team members for three days of collaboration, training, and unveiling new retail software features and integrations.

Heckler and Koch is pleased to announce the promotion of Jason Whitten to Law Enforcement Sales Manager. Whitten joined Heckler & Koch in 2019 as a customer service representative. after retiring from law enforcement.
Primary Arms Government has announced the hiring of Brice Gallasso as the new U.S. Law Enforcement Territory Sales Manager for the Western Region.
Blackout Defense announced that it has executed a licensing agreement with Dead Air Silencers, permitting Blackout Defense to manufacture devices with Dead Air’s KeyMo and Xeno mounting systems.

NSSF announced a new insurance benefit to its members provided by SAGE Program Underwriters.
The Firearms Policy Coalition and FPC Law announced that it has filed a federal Second and Fourteenth Amendment lawsuit challenging the State of Washington’s unconstitutional ban on common firearm magazines.
ZeroTech Optics is pleased to announce the THRIVE Binoculars. Thrive Optics were designed in Australia.

Davidson’s has again teamed up with Girsan, imported by European American Armory, to develop yet another Exclusive 1911 offering. Chambered in .45 Auto, the “XLV” features a commander-style 4.25” barrel.
Federal Ammunition adds the Force X2 Shorty Shotshell to the line of Premium Personal Defense Shotshells. The Force X2 Shorty is designed for use in firearms capable of cycling sub-length shotshells.
Competitive shooter and Federal ambassador Krystal Dunn joins the “It’s Federal Season” podcast to talk about the shooting sports, the 2A movement, and her ownership of a beauty salon.
Stoeger Industries announces the launch of the “Carry Tough” campaign. This new program offers consumers focused on personal and family protection a special offer on all Stoeger STR-9 family handguns.
Kimber, Mfg. is continuing one of its newest promotions: Retail customers get a free 7-round Tac-Mag - which has a value of $53.95 – with all new Micro 9 pistol purchases.
It’s been a contentious topic for over two years, but there are signs of more widespread availability in the ammunition segment. Manufacturers and dealers share encouraging insights in June Shooting Industry’s two-part feature, “State Of The 2022 Ammo Market.”
The Armory Life announced the release of the Summer 2022 issue of The Armory Life print magazine. The new issue features a cover story on the new Hellcat Pro 9mm pistol by Offensive Group’s Scott Conditt.
Luth-AR announces Cheaper Than Dirt! will carry the new MCA-22 Rimfire Chassis, designed for Ruger 10/22 and similar actions and barrels. The MCA-22 has been designed and developed by Roth Performance in conjunction with Luth-AR.

A short time back, we began evaluation of a rather ergonomic small 9mm auto in the role of a real pocket gun. We opted for the Taurus GX4, a remarkable effort considering the history of the past few decades at the company, due to its size and the ergonomic features of the frame.

It’s not just me; a close friend who has carried one or another J-frame in pocket carry since the 1970s was likewise interested. Part of the driving force is the scarce nature of 38 ammo, leading to availability and pricing issues. Why not a 32? Same reasons.

Since we can’t prevail on ammo manufacturers to do what can’t be done, we’re forced to look elsewhere.

Since then, my friend has acquired his own example and will be shooting it somewhat extensively until the fall. If it passes, I’ll let you know. Meanwhile, I started working on benchmarks to see what I could see about the little heater’s potential.

It was fifty degrees and overcast the morning I sought to work some of this out. I used the GX4 slick – not the TORO version – in the Elite Survival Systems IWB, which I carried in the left front pocket. The vastly ‘sticky’ exterior of the ESS IWB was key in trying to determine if such a rig is a relevant replacement for the 38 snub as a second gun.

I started with what could be a smart micro-9 load, the Hornady Critical Defense Lite 100gr. FTX round.

Please spare me the cries of “use (this) load or (that)” – my concerns are centered around reliability and point of impact more than imagined “stopping power.”

I’d had 11 rounds loaded in each of three magazines for several days. I started the day by putting five of them on an NRA B-8 repair center at thirty feet; I confirmed that the loads hit under the sights and tended right – I was shooting left-handed, as I did for every bit of this experiment. Hits were 1-X, 1-10 (at 4 o’clock), 2-9s at 5:30 and 1- 8 at 4 o’clock.

There’s very little gun to hang onto. While the ergonomics are great, it would take more gun surface area to settle those hits down.

After changing ammo to some steel-cased range ammo, I went to work on single hits from 10 feet from the holster, starting with hand-on-gun. Times were 1.21, 1.47, 1.75, 1.22, 1.65, 1.13. These are substandard times, needing to be below a second to count for full value.

Working with pocket holsters requires care; remove the holster from the pocket to replace the gun. As shown below, use care to avoid muzzling your hand when replacing the gun.

I went to pairs, “Florida-style” – Florida style, except that I was drawing from the holster for the close-range event. The course calls for pairs in a second or less from ready. I posted times of 1.84 seconds and 1.67 seconds, with nicely centered hits on a B-27 repair center analog. The quicker of the pairs were one-handed, as the holster came out with the gun …


So much for that.

At 20 feet, with a par 2 seconds, I produced a pair of hits in 2.55 sec., with 1-10 and 1-8 at 12:30. At thirty feet, I avoided the reload stage by trying pairs from the holster in around 2.5 seconds. The pair of 9s were delivered in 2.67 seconds. I was slightly slower, .02 seconds slower, to get a ten and one nine (at 6 o’clock) on the second attempt.

At 60 feet, it all went to hell with a failure to feed. Apparently, the gun doesn’t like to be shot dry – unlubricated – with steel-case ammo. I finished the stage in a miserable 8+ seconds, but both hits were there.

After a break to apply some oil to the gun, I marked the repair center and went back to fifty yards. From there I shot six rounds in 18 ½ seconds. There was a hit on the right edge of the repair center at 3 o’clock, a 9 at 6 o’clock, 2 8s at six o’clock and a pair below the repair center – just.


The repair center appeared to be the same width as the front sight at that distance.

I finished with 6 rounds from 25 yards – and shot a 61%.

That’s nowhere near passing. Was it the ammo? I feel more certain it was the operator. But we’re not through yet and, while the GX4 is far from being named the replacement for the five-shot snub, it's only incurred one stoppage since it’s been here. And that one was definitely an operator error.

With all the shooting being completed left-handed, I had another excuse available to me.

While my shooting partner has arranged a new front sight from, I’m sticking with the original arrangement for now. If I did change them, the sights would be a little higher, with more light on either side of the front sight when admiring it through the rear sight. – Any suggestions?

Helping the old eyes won’t help the grip though – and that’s where the real issue is. The problem isn’t the nicely abrasive surface of the gun’s frame, but my old hands. We’ll continue with the experiments and keep you posted.

-- Rich Grassi

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