JUNE 10, 2021

Team Federal shooter Tim Herron has had a fantastic year so far in Single Stack division. He recently claimed a major win when he grabbed the top spot at the USPSA Northern Arizona Classic, held in Prescott, Arizona.
Hornady congratulates shooters Phillip Velayo and Caylen Wojcik on their performance at the Granite Creek Sniper Challenge in Sheridan, Montana. Velayo and Wojcik took first place using Hornady 6mm 110 gr. A-Tip Match bullets and the Hornady ballistics app, 4DOF – paired with a Kestrel.
The best home defense weapon is the one you have with you. Using a concealed handgun for home defense means it's with you wherever you go.That's a reason for choosing a Bond Arms pistol for home security.

High Speed Gear released its new Navigator Tech Pouch. The Navigator is a low-profile admin pouch designed to assist in hands-free navigation through smart phone apps.
Walker’s announced the upcoming release of a new color series in its line of popular Razor electronic muffs.The line will expand with three additional models featuring a new Battle Brown color scheme.
A big emphasis in Galco’s present-day custom shop is the Exotic Concealable holster, crafted from the finest exotic skins like alligator, horsehide, ostrich, stingray and shark.

Primary Arms Government has announced a new giveaway, open only to law enforcement, military, and first responders. The Primary Arms Government ‘Service Pistol Sweepstakes’ is a free opportunity for professionals to win a brand-new GLOCK 19 Gen 5 9mm pistol.
Primary Arms has announced a new rifle giveaway with unlimited free entries. The ‘Extreme Precision’ Giveaway is a month-long event that offers a chance to win a premium bolt-action rifle from Seekins Precision.
Kimber Mfg. has learned of the passing of Chip McCormick, the man renowned for creating industry-leading 1911 magazines and triggers through his company, Chip McCormick Custom. Mr. McCormick, in partnership with Kimber Mfg. owner and CEO Leslie Edelman, also contributed greatly to Kimber’s success in the 1911 market.

Celerant Technology is hosting a webinar event together with industry partners, National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers and Lipsey’s. This webinar will educate firearm dealers on ways to run their businesses more efficiently, and sell more products in store and online with the latest technology used in the industry.
SilencerCo’s AR-15 Lower receiver, previously sold only at exclusive locations, is now available to all firearm retailers through major gun distributors.
Firearms Legal Protection announced the expansion of the MyFLP mobile application, extending it to all members. Previously, the MyFLP app was only available for Individual Premium and Family Premium memberships.

Sightmark announced the release of the “On The Mark” podcast hosted by Jeff Hamilton. This Second Amendment-friendly podcast explores the newest exciting news from the firearms industry.
Blackhawk is helping to educate new and experienced gun owners on the various carrying positions and products needed to carry a concealed handgun in casual, athletic and business environments. The company has released three new videos and a downloadable carry positions guide which explains common terminology, holster options and tips.
SIG SAUER, Inc. is proud to present a new four-part video series to commemorate the upcoming birthday of the U.S. Army on Monday, June 14th, and honor the U.S. Army Rangers with an inside look at the 2021 Best Ranger Competition.

Phil Schreier, NRA Museum’s longtime Senior Curator, reflects on the stories behind iconic guns and their place in history.

A “ready” position when using firearms means you’re prepared to fire if necessary. Transitioning from “ready” to sights on target should occur as efficiently as possible. But until then, the muzzle shouldn’t be covering anything that you haven’t decided to shoot. This includes any possible threat(s). A proper ready position is with sights off target and trigger finger off the trigger and clear of the trigger guard.

You’re facing a potential threat; the gun is already in hand. It’s not yet time to fire. The arms, hands and weapon – both pistol or long gun - are positioned low enough you can see the threat’s feet. This ensures Safety Rule II is still in effect: Never point the muzzle at anything you’re not willing or ready to shoot.

A ready position that’s too high is unsafe, for a variety of reasons. If the arms, hands and weapon are too high they’ll block you from seeing what’s important. You watch the threat’s hands, determining if they’re armed, and if so with what type of weapon. I teach students to watch the threat’s feet, too. A person’s feet will tell you what they’re thinking about doing, often before they’re even consciously aware of what they’re planning. Their feet tell you if they’re anxious or nervous. They’ll reposition the feet prior to running, or as they prepare to launch an attack.

When working around corners, or the side of cover, the weapon is positioned low enough that you can see the bottom apex of the corner. This allows you to see anyone that’s coming ‘round the corner. It allows you to see part of someone as you slice the pie before they see you. If it’s necessary to shoot, you snap the sights up onto the target. All things being equal, I’ll engage the pelvis first. It’s the first target area of the body you reach when coming up from low ready, and it takes away their mobility.

Anytime you place the finger on the trigger too soon it makes you unsafe -- period. It increases the probability of negligent discharges, and/or shooting the wrong person, friend or family member. Make sure to identify your target and that you have a clear angle of fire or background to stop any errant rounds.

Low-ready is also used once the danger is past. The immediate threat is down, gone or you’ve created the chance to break contact and withdraw to a safer, more easily defended location. (Remember, this doesn’t mean the fight is over.) From low ready, you can scan for additional threats. The arms, hands and weapon are positioned so you can actually see what’s necessary.

There are lots of “ready” positions. Some are used for very specific situations. Some were never intended to be used as a ready position, or are unsafe. The traditional low-ready technique is good for almost anything you may come across. Plus, we know that under stress, simple works best - especially for self-defense.

Tiger McKee is director of Shootrite Firearms Academy. He is the author of The Book of Two Guns, AR-15 Skills and Drills, has a regular column in American Handgunner and makes some cool knives and custom revolvers. Visit Shootrite’s Facebook page for other details.

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