FEBRUARY 9, 2021

Shoot Like A Girl continues the 2021 Home of the Brave Tour with a stop at Bass Pro Shops in Daytona Beach, Florida on February 12 and 13. Both new and experienced shooters are invited to join Shoot Like A Girl at the state-of-the-art mobile shooting range for this free, interactive event.
Thorogood Infinity FD Realtree Timber Camo Neoprene Boots offer a lightweight and flexible design that enhances the hunter’s performance during a long day afield.
Galco offers several great options for hunters to carry spare ammunition when in the field. All are handcrafted from premium Latigo dark Havana leather for both beauty and long term durability.

Apex Tactical Specialties is once again expanding its aftermarket upgrade options for the CZ P-10 model pistols. Apex’s new Enhanced Slide Release, for the CZ P-10 C, F and S models, is a shorter version of its Extended Slide Release, making it ideal for concealed carry users as well as competition shooters.
The Combat Master from Galco is a professional-grade belt holster hand-molded to fit specific handguns. The traditional high-riding pancake-style design places the belt slots on either side of the holster, pulling the handgun tight to the body.
Taurus is kicking off the launch of its all-new TX22 Competition pistol with the Ultimate Thrill of Competition Giveaway. The package includes a new Taurus TX22 Competition pistol and a Bushnell RXS-250 reflex red dot sight.

Ballistic’s Best magazine recently recognized Federal’s Force X2 and Practice & Defend Packs with Editor’s Selects Awards for the best new shotgun and handgun ammunition from the previous year.
Primary Arms Government is seeking talented individuals for their Law Enforcement Affiliate Program. If you are a Law Enforcement instructor, influencer, or contributor, Primary Arms is offering an opportunity to connect your followers with special offers on products and services from an established brand.
Garrison Everest expands their brand and marketing services to include business coaching for professionals in the outdoor, hunting and shooting sports industry.

ALPS OutdoorZ expands its line of X-series products for backcountry hunters with the introduction of the new Renegade X compression stuff sack. The Renegade X was developed to provide maximum water protection and content compression.
Streamlight Inc. introduced new laser models of its ultra-compact TLR-6 rail mount weapon light to fit best-selling subcompact handguns, including the Springfield Armory Hellcat and the GLOCK 43X/48 MOS/RAIL.
Buck Knives introduces the 2021 Legacy Collection, including an upgrade to the famous 110 classic and an ebony 124 Frontiersman.

­High Speed Gear announced the release of the ReVive Medical Pouch, the brand’s newest, low-profile medical pouch. It is a quick-access, compact pouch built around treating a single gunshot wound.
Adams Arms, pioneers of piston-driven AR platform firearms, announced the re-launch of The new dealer locators on the site will allow customers a direct way to communicate with FFLs who stock products from Adams Arms.
SIG SAUER, Inc. announced the availability of the official SIG SAUER 2021 Product Catalog. The catalog is a comprehensive review of all SIG SAUER pistols, rifles, ammunition, electro-optics, suppressors, airguns, accessories, and the SIG SAUER Academy, including new product releases for 2021.

The Ruger Collector Series “Vote 2020” Special Edition 10/22 tops the April issue of GUNS Magazine. Sporting a patriotic American flag motif, threaded muzzle and protected blade front sight, the controls are a standard 10/22 affair.
Riton Optics becomes the newest sponsor of Sporting Classics with Chris Dorsey.

Editor’s Note: A reprint from our first year of Tactical Wire features, this is an update.

An acquaintance that has trained as a medical examiner and done time as a coroner tells an interesting tale. It seems that, in his youth, he was completing his forensic medical education as an intern at a coroner’s office in south Florida. He was dispatched to a call while off-duty – a scene very close to his residence – to assist officers.

The home in question was populated by drug dealers. A pair of robbery perpetrators burst into the home in a “violent and tumultuous entry.” One of our robbers was armed with an HK G3, the other with a TEC-9. According to the victim-drug dealer, when he and his family went for their guns (a Beretta and a Browning, if it matters), the robbers attempted to fire. They both got a “click” instead of a “bang.” The drug dealers in residence shot the hapless pair to pieces before they could identify and clear their failures-to-fire.

Hollywood and Chamber Checks

In the moving pictures, if a magazine goes into a magazine well, the weapon is “loaded.” If the magazine is withdrawn, the gun is “empty.” Maybe our two schlemiels were Hollywood influenced. Perhaps they were simply candidates for the Darwin Award – people so stupid that precluding their reproduction provides a social service.

The question which arises periodically: “is the chamber check a range procedure or street smart?”

World class military & police trainer Clive Shepherd liked to keep things simple. In his world, he would load a magazine with one round, load the magazine into the weapon and rack it. When he removed the magazine, he’d look. If the round was still in the magazine, we have a problem.

That’s similar to the standard drill with AR-style rifles and carbines. While I was on a top-level prairie dog strafing safari, we found that some of our magazines would fail to feed the top round. I took to loading the magazine and noting if the top round was on the right or left side of the stack. If left, for example, I’d say “Left,” load, charge and remove the magazine. If the top round was now on the right, a round was in the chamber.

Our victim-offender with the G3 would have been well served by that protocol as would anyone who has solid reason to believe they are going into battle. Otherwise – with long guns -- it’s the reverse: I visually and physically ensure the chamber is clear, close (or close-and-flag) the chamber, put the loaded magazine under the verified empty chamber. A long gun tends not to be so forgiving of jarring impacts (like being dropped). While conventional pistols of the current era are and should be carried loaded up, long guns should not.

In the alternative, Clive would have students load magazines to full capacity. When they load, remove that magazine and try to put a round in it. There being no other place for the round to go, it would either (1) still be in the magazine, (2) be in the chamber, or (3) the Bullet Fairy took it.

With the carbine, I am a fan of the “right/left” plan. With the handgun, I’ll do the “loaded chamber verification” every time we make ready. “Make ready” is a ritual, done the same way every time, everywhere.

The ritual? Protect your eyes. Protect your ears. Face into a safe direction (i.e., where an unintended discharge could cause only minor property damage and NO personal injury.) Draw, check chamber, check magazine.

If the magazine is one down, do a good tactical load. A good tactical reload is one that is largely administrative in terms of when it’s done – in spite of its name. When everything is settled, load that “down one” magazine to capacity and stow it.

The loaded weapon verification is as much a safety procedure as unloading and showing clear. If you don’t believe that, ask the guys who try to rob drug dealers.

-- Rich Grassi

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